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My Little Blue Book: Introduction

Posted on May 20, 2017

We the bloggers who chase simplicity say the following lines too much: “I am doing a shopping fast”, “I made a wish list”, ” I have too much”, “I am decluttering” or “I wanted these things but didn’t buy them”. Writing / reading these lines can get really boring really fast. My take on every aspect of style is not marred by how much I don’t consume. My answer to “what do you think of the red dress from the Dior Cruise collection” should not be “I don’t shop much”. I can still form opinions. I can still admire beautiful clothing. I can enjoy fashion for its innovation and as an art form. I can fall madly in love with things I can’t afford. I can admire things that are not my style. I can admire the craftsmanship. I can educate myself and become a true curator of my closet. With time, the emphasis shifted to ‘what is’ instead of ‘what isn’t’. I started writing my ‘On Handbags’, ‘On Perfume’, ‘On Makeup’, ‘On Visible Logos’, …. ‘On _____’ as a series which is my favorite brainchild on this blog. Slowly, a style manual emerged. Some axioms that still form the crux of it:

” Buy less, embrace simple design, choose better, make them last ”

” Reject soul-less clothing ”

“I am not all black and navy. It’s the details and the nuances that make up my style”.

“By 2018, I will find the perfect pair of ballet flats”.

“Perfection is over-rated”.

“Style muses exist to make us think, not to make us shop what they wore”.

” De-structured and understated elegance”

” The mastery of second-hand shopping. Yes, it has a learning curve like any other process.”

” Quality can be quantified given the knowledge of know hows ”

” The art of building a closet ”

” Reject phony style rules, ridiculously priced luxury must-haves parading as investments and lists of essentials every woman should have”.

” If you see a how-to-be-stylish guide, RUN from it !”

” Uniforms can be fun and customizable. Constraints breed creativity. ”

” Choose personal style over fashion. Rule-less fear-less guidelines that I create for myself is the way to go.”

” It’s not saving if it’s at the expense of someone else. Avoid the manufacturers who have no respect for the garment quality, human life and the environment. ”

” Color can be therapeutic ”

” Build that accessories closet”

The 10,000 hour rule :

First things first. There is a notion that spending any time thinking about clothes is time wasted. No ! It takes time and effort to learn anything in life. There is an old adage that a man should put in a lot of thought into picking out his clothing, can spend very little time putting it on and then forget about what he is wearing. That is my idea of investing into clothing. The effort that goes into choosing that pays off over the years. Do we know what works for us and never make mistakes? NO ! We change with time and adapt to what life throws at us. Making this evolution possible is a learning in itself for me. Are elegance and personal style imbibed into every human? I think not. It comes with experience and experimentation. There is always the safe shortcut of copying a style muse. We often buy what the influencers recommend and wear. Personal style is becoming homogenized and we often end up buying what’s popular. It’s way more rewarding figuring it out ourselves. When we start growing into ourselves and want to choose for ourselves is when the fun starts! The colors, the proportions, the silhouettes, the pairings and the balance of the feminine and the masculine ….. have to be our own conclusions. This book is what I learned during the first 1/100th of the 10,000-hours. It’s a journey, not a destination.

Presenting: My Little Blue Book


Read : (my) Little Blue Book

2. He Said, She Said

Posted on May 19, 2017

[ 1. I didn’t think my outfit pictures could get more awkward, but here we go !  Atleast Cinco, the cat is always poised and knows what he is doing.  

2. The sartorial gods are playing mischief with me. This dress is becoming shorter as the years go by. It’s now a tunic top.

3. #springHaul : Am trying to see if I can shop once per season and stay away from the stores until peak summer. I can’t be staring at clothes and sorting through wishlists all the time. It’s exhausting. Trying this system out. The pants and the bag are second-hand finds. The pink shoes are something I grabbed before they sold out in my size. The A.P.C dress is from 2015. I had it shortened because it looked granny-ish on me. I put on 5lbs since and it’s become inappropriately short. I wanted to sell it away in spite of really liking the dress. The cropped pants saved it from the axe. 

Pants : J.Brand. Polka dot dress : A.P.C. Pink flats : Clarks. Bag : A.P.C ( “pre-loved” )

Reading : Born a Crime.

Tune on Repeat: City of the Sun ]

My fashion repeller husband : what on earth is a ‘pre-loved’ bag ?

Me : Some one owned it and sold it. Women love their luxury handbags so much that they find using the word ‘second hand’ for a second-hand bag derogatory of the luxury handbag. It’s a marketing term.

Him : Pre loved sounds …< grin> .. like the bag has been “loved”.

Me : Shut up !

Him : So if multiple people pre-loved the bag ….. is it called an orgy ?

Style Muse : Georgia O’Keeffe

Posted on May 5, 2017

How often do we buy clothing because we have seen it worn by someone or it’s a cultural norm to dress a certain way or because we have been conditioned to think a certain way? I like style muses who come along and shakes us up a little. Give us the courage to be different if we want to be …. Style muses don’t exist so that we may clandestinely copy their style or shop-their-outfits to miraculously find our own style. Such actions are safe short cuts that take away from what could have been a true introspective process. They exist to inspire. You may argue that there are no true originals. That is mostly true but there are exceptions. May I introduce Georgia O’Keeffe :

” Georgia O’Keeffe has never allowed her life to be one thing and her painting another. She has never left her life in disorder while she sat down to paint a picture that should be clean, simple, and integrated. To her art is life; life is painting. ” 

– Frances O’Brien.

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White Noise : April Edition

Posted on April 30, 2017

This is Neela, my 10-year-old niece at her saree ceremony. I designed the outfit from scratch. It’s made out of raw silk and dyed to this lilac ( her fav color). The beauty is in the little details: the pearl border and kundan stone embroidery. It’s terrifying when I have to make clothes for someone else. I can’t seem to go beyond my own aesthetic and rules of elegance. Her mother, aunt Renu is my biggest style inspiration and my definition of ‘exquisite simplicity’. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Neela liked her outfit and it somehow worked out.

Wardrobe Inventory

Posted on April 28, 2017

 This post is extremely long and probably not worth your time. To make matters even more boring, I haven’t had the time to take proper photographs. Consider yourself warned.

The items with a * in the front were purchased second-hand


Wardrobe Inventory on To Universe With Love

Long Sleeve t-shirts:

*Cuyana cotton turtleneck – black

*Cuyana cotton turtleneck – navy

Cuyana cotton crewneck – black

Theory merino wool crewneck – gray

Zara striped cotton top – gray & black

Shirting :

*Equipment silk shirt – teal 

*Equipment silk shirt – nude 

*Equipment silk shirt – sky blue 

Everlane silk shirt – black

*Everlane silk sleeveless shirt – black

Everlane silk shirt – navy

Zara silk shirt – army green

Equipment linen shirt – army green

*Equipment sleeveless shirt – army green

*Theory pinstripe silk shirt – navy & white

*Comme De Garcons chambray shirt – gray

*Frank & Eileen poplin shirt – taupe

*Frank & Eileen poplin shirt – gray


*R13 black denim

R13 gray denim

Citizens of Humanity – pale blue

*Nili Lotan – khaki

Short Sleeve t-shirts:

Steven Alan wool tshirt – gray.