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Women of Style : Jane

Posted on August 18, 2017

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She values travel


She eats

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She is a student of science

1. Favourite books – The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton, Don’t Look Now and Other Stories by Daphne Du Maurier, The Secret History by Donna Tartt
2. Favourite musicians – Lorde, Arctic Monkeys, Noisettes.
3. Favourite artists – can’t say I have one, my interest in art is pretty superficial.
4. Favourite places travelled to – Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, London, Prague, the South Island of New Zealand
5. Favourite public figures – only person I can think of is Clem Ford, who’s an Australian feminist write

HER BLOG : On Tinder, On being single, On surviving med school, On getting Dressed

Sense meets Sensibility. This is how I see Jane. Simplicity seems to be on the forefront of her style. How does this young girl stay grounded? How is she able to drown out the noise and pursue austere simplicity? She is in the blogging game while being immune to the blogger trends. When it comes to minimalist bloggers, there is a push to buy items of certain aesthetic from certain brands instead of not buying things we don’t need. These inane games don’t seem to touch her. ( She is the kind of influencer I want in my feed. I can’t wait to see what she does with her life. ) There is SO MUCH THAT I WANT TO LEARN FROM HER. I have wondered about how she does it. I reached out and asked. She answered. 

A Summer of Must Haves

Posted on August 11, 2017

Some entries have emotions that my words don’t fully convey. This tune is the background score for this post. Presenting a summer looking through rose tinted glasses …

SummerCollageCalifornia gave me a golden summer. So much so, that I forgot that I am brown gal and uttered the words “I have a nice tan” for the first time in my life. We have been swimming in the rivers, kayaking, sun bathing, making bulgogi over fire, listening to Gustavo Santaolalla and drinking pale ales from growlers. “Beach”, he says in his husky yet gentle voice and looks at me with his wide questioning eyes. We pack up and go.”I found a spot to sleep under the big trees”, he says. We load our tent and go. This is how we do romance in our home. Harsha has been hunting down camping ground openings from his excel sheet. He reads maps and plans routes for our road trips based on the breweries along the path. #romance …. California preserved its history. Standing in a 20-million-year-old forest containing 3000-year-old sequoia trees is grounding. Summer nights are when we socialize a lot more. We never miss the trips to the farmers market when “the tomatoes are ripe and plump”. We sent out an open invite to our closest friends: “drop by any Sunday afternoon for food and beer”. My cottage has a wall of good books that are being read. Cinco, the cat, is recovering and slowly morphing into a little dragon again. There is a calm in my life that I don’t quite understand, but am happy to have it while it lasts. My closet is in a similar state of mind … a certain kind of slowness and too much beauty ….

Something Blue


Blues that live in my home. 


The right shade of navy ? All of them ? A snapshot of my blue dresses. 

“You have to go to Italy. They have the most beautiful blue skies I have ever seen”, says Meghana when asked about her honeymoon. The most beautiful blue – I have been hunting for precisely that, for years – in the sea, in the sky, in stone, in fabric stores, in indigo dyes, in my paint box … The greedy woman in me is not content with looking. I need to photograph it. I want to wear it. When the fabric of my blue dresses starts to wear out, I notice the gradient to see if its shade is better than the original. If the answer is yes, I am happy. If it’s a no, I  then start to complain about how my clothes are old and about needing more blue clothes to fill my closet.

Love thy Wrinkles

Equipment Shirting : Army Green & Olive Green 

My great-great-grandfather was imprisoned by the British Raj ( who colonized India from 1757 to 1947 ) for printing counterfeit currency. He lived a fugitive life. We didn’t know his whereabouts but he would resurface out of the blue – with presents, trinkets with questionable origins, recipes from far off lands, technical know hows, dried herbs, … My great-grand-mother has the most amazing stories to tell and they were all hidden in her wrinkles. The more you seek, the more beauty you will find. The imperfections on my linen shirt resemble the topography of the hills as seen from the sky. What the eyes see and the neurons interpret depends on the perception of beauty encoded in the brain. The images of travelers, explorers, farmers, hunters, riders, photographers, engineers … are enhanced by the signs of exertion in their clothing and exultation on their faces. I don’t want to see pristine clothes worn by airbrushed faces. I want to hear about the adventures of daily life told by wrinkled faces wearing soiled clothing.

White Noise : July Edition

Posted on July 22, 2017


Wonder Woman of the Month: my aunt Renu

My father worked from 9 am to 9 pm, six days a week for 40+ years. Actually, most of the people I know work this way. And my aunt Renu is the hardest working person I know. At the end of 32-hour work shifts, she will go exercise in the gym before coming home. She is the one who has the healthiest food on her plate at buffets that boast the most decadent spreads. ( Her skin ! She is 50. She does use La Mer, but I think it’s the raw food and exercise. ) She has a fantastic personal style and enjoys fashion. She has a group of very close friends and they know how to have fun. She takes care of her two young children and is involved in our very large family. She doesn’t chant the word busy. She doesn’t complain and takes life head on. She once told me that she designed the life she wanted and works for it. She is my biggest inspiration.

Every month, I find new inspiration that pushes me forward. @zeroWaste, we won’t give up on you.

Oral historian, is what she calls herself. History books are filled with stories of rulers and their conquests. History told by every day citizens of the world in reference to everyday objects, gives a not so often spoken perspective of time that is past.

Finally ! The staged tent photos busted.

Weddings are big, expensive and can be borderline ostentatious. A few people who are changing this norm. Why don’t I know more of such people in real life ?


How divine is ↑ garment? Margaret Howell makes it. ( Fabric: 100% cotton twill ).

Vintage garment of the month #etsy : mauve silk kimono

Blue garment of the month #eBay : Navy wool jacket

New blog discovery: Linda Wright has a blog ! Her beautiful mind and sense of style shine through. My blog would give her blog a standing ovation if they met in person. Her closet stories are an inspiration. She has convinced me to invest in my wardrobe, hold on to the beautiful pieces and wear them forever. ( I discovered her blog yesterday night after dinner and sleep is overrated. )

A compilation of beautiful interiors: An Indian Summer.

Riddles !

This interview of Lucy Williams.

This interview of Caitlin Stasey.

10 Rules of writing : Part 1 & Part 2 .

( Two more : writing tips & advice to young writers )

Finally, youtubers are being called out for the way they haul and cull (fast) fashion. The bloggers are beginning to acknowledge their awareness of the issue. We are at-least talking about it, but miles to go.

Parisian Style  : Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

In my sci-fi fairy tale, my female cast will have a winter closet comprising of garments from Dior, Fall 2017 Couture show. In navy blue instead of gray and with shorter hemlines for dresses. They will wear shades of red lipstick and keep their hair natural. Yoga, oatmeal and smoothies will be a part of the daily routine. They will ride bikes. They will use math models and write code to solve problems instead of using weapons and violence. Animals will be revered in the kingdom instead of being cooked or made into handbags. Forests will be elevated to the status of places of worship. Air will smell pure. Simplicity will be the societal norm. Gross Happiness Index will be the barometer of growth of nations. Artists and scientists will have larger social media following than reality tv people and pretty people known for wearing pretty clothes …. Ofcourse, I am day dreaming ! These are the after effects of watching Wonder Woman.




Posted on June 28, 2017


Behind every photo on this blog, there is my companion Cinco doing his bid to make the frame cuter. He wakes me up in the morning to catch the golden hour, takes me on walks to keep me in shape, has to inspect every item I feature, climbs around in my closet while I pick out the clothes, attacks the shoes with laces, brings his animal friends to be featured in my flat lays, poses next to me in OOTD photos, … I always took the happiness I get, from a cat who thinks he is a dog, for granted. The little one is doing poorly and fading away. He was run over by a vehicle and has been to hell-and-back. We are trying to revive him and keep him alive. Grief, when it hits, is nothing like what I thought it would be. I will be away for some time from the blog.

UPDATE : Thank you everyone for writing to me. Cinco is recovering and growing stronger every day. All that mouse hunting and climbing rooftops made him very athletic and a true fighter. The vet says he might be able to walk again in 3 months. He is now going to be an indoor cat and will live a very different life. But I am sure he will find ways to stay curious and be the trouble maker …

White Noise : June Edition

Posted on June 24, 2017


↑ Wonder Woman of the month: she is my childhood friend. She is currently serving in Yemen with Doctors Without Borders. She was serving in Syria last year before she was injured. Coma, brain injury, mental illness, broken engagement, … were what 2016 threw at her. She recovered and went right back to work. I am beginning to realize : Activism is not a choice, its a way of life. ( Notes to self : Applies to fast fashion, zero waste, charity, minimalism, environmentalism, ….. Not something to do if and only if it’s convenient and easy. The way I think and what I do doesn’t match up. )


Wonder Woman & it’s athletes:

The Amazons were played by actresses from all over the world and world-class athletes: Norwegian actress Lisa Loven Kongsli, Uganda’s Florence Kasumba, champion boxer Ann J. Wolfe, Wushu expert Samantha Jo, CrossFit champion Brooke Ence, pentathlete Jenny Pacey, track and field star Moe Sasegbon and eight-year-old champion horse rider and jumper Lilly Aspell,  who played young Diana. “We set out to find all the best most incredible athletes in the world,” Jenkins told Conan O’Brien of assembling her Amazonian army.

What I wore this Week

Posted on June 17, 2017

Outfit of the day pictures are over-rated. They are more of what I can see when standing in front of the mirror or what the world sees me wear. The little details are what I can see for myself when I wear a garment and what makes it a pleasure to own the clothes … It could be a color. Or a texture. Or a print. Or a combination. Or something as little as the buttons. Or the presence of a pocket. They should be celebrated too. Do you feel this way about your clothes too ? Exercise of the week : photograph a subtle detail in the outfit every day .

“Remember when we were kids and Edmond got that whistle for his birthday, and you got a pony? You were so mad Edmond was happier with his whistle than you were with your pony.” – Mercedes, Count of Monte Cristo. 

That is how I feel about this thrifted polka dot scarf. It cost me nothing but I think it makes my outfits. Poplin shirt dress by Steven Alan

Fashion’s Windu : Margiela

Posted on June 10, 2017

[  I found someone who is worthy of the Jedi master Mace Windu. I am not qualified to analyze and deconstruct Margiela … I am terrified of my own shallow knowledge. This is more of a fan girl making a scrapbook for my own sake. This post is my first draft. I will keep adding to it as I learn more. Please feel free to point out to any flaws in the words I write here. ]


One can tweak some colors and details to make a new garment from an existing design … and be called a designer without any real innovation. And the words ‘a designer’s designer’ is used in reference when we talk about Miuccia Prada, Alexander McQueen, …. Margiela occupies a stratum of his own in this category. Every designer I admire – Jil Sander, Calvin Klein, Lemaire, Raf Simons, Phoebe Philo, ….  cite Margiela as their influence. Minimalism in fashion owes a great debt to him. To start off, some words from the insiders:

Martin Margiela has always been incredibly discreet. I went to his shows, but from his whole generation, the generation of the Antwerp Six, he is the only one I have never met. I sometimes saw his name in the guestbooks for our exhibitions, at the Anish Kapoor exhibition for example, but we never actually saw him. I still often wear some of his designs, including the ‘leftovers’ sweater made of pieces of blue jeans, because I find it beautiful and comfortable. I also have his duvet coat. I consider Hermes a prestige brand, but I would never purchase a Kelly bag or pieces with Hermes logo. That is why Mariela’s collection for Hermes were not a shock to me, because the one thing I loved about Hermes was the pure design. I understood that Hermes naturally had two kinds of customers: there were those who loved Margiela’s quality, as well as customers who fell for the things that you recognize ….

 – May Vervoordt.

In 1980s, fashion was at its most affluent and extravagant – bold, brash, and shouting to be noticed. Only a still small voice of calm was speaking a different language. Instead of excess, there was distressed cloth. The orgy of opulence was here replaced by clothes that were deliberately deconstructed with visible darts, frayed hems and shoes with split toes.

– Suzy Menkes