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White Noise : December Edition

Posted on December 28, 2018

10 most popular scientific papers of 2018. Noteworthy innovations of 2018. Wardrobe from Phantom Thread.  Read this sentence in reference to women who collect designer bags : ” not interested in design but like the idea of ownership of designer goods”. Is it true of me? If you ask me why some of my garments costs as much as they do, I will end up mumbling about quality. But to be honest, I don’t know. Do I like old Celine for the styling or for the garments ? Some reading to remedy it : Translating designs from sketches : Gravity and Proportion.   Lace engineering at Celine.Contrast stitching at Haider Ackermann.    Bar tacks and blocky panels at Fendi.  Honey comb pattern structures at Junya Watanabe.   Clashing…

White Noise : November Edition

Posted on November 30, 2018

“I was in Italy looking for love. On assignment for a National Geographic story that sought to scientifically explain it and its three stages—lust, romantic obsession, and long-term attachment—I roamed the streets searching for photographs to interpret that soul-searing, primal swamp of desire that rearranges our brains and our lives. I nearly walked by the solitary woman in the cafe reading a newspaper. But something about the white ruffle of her skirt and the deep tan of her leg attracted me, and I made a couple of frames and walked on. I didn’t think the picture had anything to do with my assignment. But when I got home and looked closer, I noticed the headline on what was actually a greeting card: Ai Lov…

Excerpts for a Black Friday

Posted on November 23, 2018

I humbly thank you for this life these hands this dirt these woods that man those kittens our home this food your support our shared love of the land & sustaining hope for the future 💚 – The Outside Institute . with the animals dying around us our lost feelings we are saying thank you with the forests falling faster than the minutes of our lives we are saying thank you with the words going out like cells of a brain with the cities growing over us we are saying thank you faster and faster with nobody listening we are saying thank you we are saying thank you and waving dark though it is. – W.S. Merwin, from “Thanks.” And they lived happily ever…

Letters to Santa

Posted on November 18, 2018

[ My letter in the year 2017. ] Once a year, I make a list and pray that Santa is real. He is not. But here we go :


A set of pajamas similar to these. No pattern or prints. Plain and navy blue. Sustainably made or second hand. Not poplin, but flannel.

This gardening tool set.

Any outdoor plant. Fig plant would be nice.

The wizard and the Prophet : I belong to both these worlds. The environmentalist who thinks humans need to be responsible about our interaction with the natural resources. The techie who thinks we should colonize other planets, invest heavily in renewable energy, invent ways to make it rain when needed, subsidize lab grown meat, … This book is for me.

Any sort of loose tea leaves.

Any good book that you have read and want me to borrow.

Vintage clothing in navy blue.



I have had this draft as a running list since September. This was pre-California wild fires. Dear Santa, I am fine. Please be generous to the folk affected. Are you real ?

Please consider making a contribution if you can.

Tiny Home : The good, the bad, the ugly

Posted on October 27, 2018

“This is not simplicity. This is selfishness. What about your guests?” – mum. Tiny home is a wonderful concept. Urban density reduces emissions from daily commute. It’s a way to take less from earth to build a home. (Cement, steel & wood have big carbon footprints.)  It’s a way to reduce needs. I tell them that I am “trying out sustainable living” but hear the usual “all this doesn’t matter”. I for one, usually smile, nod and brush off the comments. But my partner is a more social being. When my parents & in-laws decided to visit us this summer, we moved out of the tiny house and into a 950 sft cottage with a backyard. Looking back, I really miss my old home.…

White Noise : September

Posted on September 29, 2018

[ “Activist Kalpona Akter who began working in a garment factory in Bangladesh at the age of 12 and in the 30 years since has become a prominent campaigner for the rights of 4 million Bangladeshi garment workers. Her cause is relevant to anyone working in fashion — and to anyone who buys clothes.” ] F**king amazing music as a result of Epic Mountain studio collaborating with Kurzgesagt Science. ( Watch the educational videos on Youtube in the night. Exercise to the background music in the morning. ) This closet inventory.  WTF Bloggers : Influencers are now getting paid to write negative reviews on the sponsoring brand’s competitors.  WTF Social Media : Instagram making people miserable ? When engineers write blogs, they are special  …. ♡ All…

White Noise : August Edition

Posted on August 31, 2018

This Tribeca Loft won the Gold A design award.  The view of the sky room/patio filled with plants from the living room is charming. Take a closer look. Ferm Living catalogue has dropped.  A talk by Fibershed’s founder Rebecca Burgess, hands down the best comprehensive lifecycle 101 for laymen who want to understand sustainable fashion. ( Students of science will love this one. ) I am an anti-lawn evangelist. A scientist marvels at the engineering in a Comme des Garcons dress. ( For readers who understand Telugu language. )  When a member of samskari police and an artist with the urban sensibilities of modern India have a dialog. ( Samskari police is an Indian slang used to refer to folks who bully others in the…