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“I was in Italy looking for love. On assignment for a National Geographic story that sought to scientifically explain it and its three stages—lust, romantic obsession, and long-term attachment—I roamed the streets searching for photographs to interpret that soul-searing, primal swamp of desire that rearranges our brains and our lives. I nearly walked by the solitary woman in the cafe reading a newspaper. But something about the white ruffle of her skirt and the deep tan of her leg attracted me, and I made a couple of frames and walked on. I didn’t think the picture had anything to do with my assignment. But when I got home and looked closer, I noticed the headline on what was actually a greeting card: Ai Lov You. In the end, I found that searching for an image of love is very much like searching for love itself: The harder you look, the harder it is to find. But when you least expect it, it sneaks right up on you.”

Jodi Cobb

I sat down the folks at my thanksgiving party and made them watch the tamil film 96. This song has been playing on repeat in our home since.

Disposable mindset masquerading as sustainability ?

This reaction to sustainability advocates boycotting the Black Friday sales.

These two posts on Belle Mocha : Why do attractive people dress well. How to become an international mystery woman. 

This stylish warrior who stands on one foot to photograph her OOTDs. 

This black friday ad.

Please read before you buy your xmas presents

This advent calendar. 

Some very essential life advice for the colder months : Do dishes, rake leaves, let the darkness come. 

When I see others hit the jackpot in the flea markets, I am happy ! 

For readers who understand the telugu language : this interview of designer Shilpa Reddy.

Teaching self-driving cars ethics. 

Rec sys for Netflix thumbnails. 

Designer babies are here !! Will CRISPR IVF tourism begin ?

Unfollowed this account. To scroll and do nothing is giving me heartache.

On the nature of Patriarchy. 

A story of a relapse into a maximalist closet. 

On CDG going mainstream. ( If you like their merchandise with the red heart printed on top, do listen. )

How should one converse about climate change : Vague & Fearful ? Concrete & Actionable ?

This mansion in Maine. 

” I like pure interiors, or I feel I suffocate. It is like with the clothes: I like just having the essential, what is indispensable.”

Azure Studio and the beautiful objects in it. 

The apartments photographed by Mieke Verbijlen. Raw, pure and honest.

This interview by Norma Kamali.

Words that Stayed :

Climate scientist Peter Kalmus—who has not flown since 2012—summarizes this attitude: “I try to avoid burning fossil fuels, because it’s clear that doing so causes real harm … . I don’t like harming others, so I don’t fly.” One person skipping a flight will not solve global warming alone, but when one person withdraws from a system that causes harm, they make that harm palpable to others.

How many trees should I plant to recycle the emissions from my flight ? Read this reply by a ‘low carbon innovation strategist’. And how effective are carbon offset programs ?

This new battery might make electric planes more feasible. 

Feeding livestock seaweed could significantly reduce the methane emissions from the cattle.

Are you a prophet or a wizard ? The prophet advocates preserving forests, being zero waste, consuming less, … expects “humans to do the right thing” to slow down climate change/have a more sustainable future. The wizard thinks “expecting humans to do the right thing is never going to work” and hopes that tech will provide ways to cope in the new futuristic world. This podcast is based on a book that explores two very different approaches as a solution.

This interview with Dr. Jane Goodall.

I believe in a “do good” approach instead of a “do no harm” approach. Erin writes about why she prioritizes buying ethically made clothes instead of shopping second hand.

This series on building a vintage wardrobe :

Step 0 : Quick notes.    Step 1 : Who are you ?    Step 2 : Elements of Style.  Step 3 : Assessing assets.   Step 4 : Before you shop. Going shopping. More shopping pls. Online and flea markets.  Step 5 : Putting it all together.

A collective of top 10 style resolutions.

The Journal of Controversial Ideas.

On my wishlist : this Ikea sawhorse.

Second hand finds of the month :

Summer is long gone and only a memory now but blue shift dresses have that quality of an eternal sunshine about them.

This vintage Chanel blazer. 

This navy poncho. 

This station necklace. 

This cozy xmas sweater.

This cross body bag.

This oversized turtleneck. 

This navy tunic.

This update on denim jacket. The touch of red is charming. 

This wool-cashmere sweater.

A metric to remember this month by :

Amount I spent during the Thanksgiving sales : 42$