Who wore it better ? the niece or the aunt ? 

I became an aunt (again). She is tiny, charming, funny, adorable, high pitched, bright eyed, porcupine haired, innocent, smily, bossy, reactive, strong, ….. bundle of a human. Welcome to our world, little one ! You have already made us all happier by a mile. Babies are born wild and we the humans try to civilize them in our own unique ways. The aunt in me has been plotting :

  1. You shall be dressed in navy blue and in tiny versions of adult clothes until you come of an age where you can choose. None of that disney merchandise and acrylic bunny suits for you, if I have any say in it.
  2. Braids, pigtails and man-buns are non negotiable. So are jumpsuits, dungarees and rain boots. I hope you enjoy the outdoors and getting dirty.
  3. You shall be kind to our dog and cat. Being a gentlewoman starts with learning how to treat our animals.
  4. You will have the minimum possible amount of clothes when you are of the growing age. But know that it be alright and the rules will relax when your body stops rapidly changing.
  5. I hope you wear second hand clothes and feel proud about supporting the sustainable fashion movement. I hope you don’t see glitter and polyester as a necessity coz it really hurts the environment.
  6. “Trust not the heart of that man for whom old clothes are not venerable.” Thomas Carlyle.
  7. I will buy the highest quality I can afford and take care of my investment purchases. I will save some of them for you when I grow out of them – physically or mentally. You will inherit them and are free to decide if you want to wear them.
  8. Style is a simple way of saying complicated things. I want you to develop a point of view. I want you to have the highest standards for what makes it in your good graces and into your closet. 
  9. I hope you develop a tendency that dislikes shopping. Buying what you need and enjoying clothes is different from aimlessly grazing the shops.
  10. When I give style advice, do listen. But make up your own mind. The feminists have fought a long and hard fight so that you may choose for yourself. I look forward to your help in breaking some of the style rules I created for myself. I look to you to question my dogmas. Help us keep our hearts young. Come shake us up.

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