[ “Activist Kalpona Akter who began working in a garment factory in Bangladesh at the age of 12 and in the 30 years since has become a prominent campaigner for the rights of 4 million Bangladeshi garment workers. Her cause is relevant to anyone working in fashion — and to anyone who buys clothes.” ]

F**king amazing music as a result of Epic Mountain studio collaborating with Kurzgesagt Science. ( Watch the educational videos on Youtube in the night. Exercise to the background music in the morning. )

This closet inventory. 

WTF Bloggers : Influencers are now getting paid to write negative reviews on the sponsoring brand’s competitors. 

WTF Social Media : Instagram making people miserable ?

When engineers write blogs, they are special  …. ♡

All too often my favorite pictures have clothes as an afterthought. While these pictures make for shitty submissions to a blog about men’s clothing, blurry, off-center and candid pictures are the best way to see clothes in action. It’s easy to strike a robot pose or pretend to be deep in thought while a guy on the street snaps away, but those pictures always put the clothes front-and-center and give viewers the impression that the most important thing about the people is what they are wearing.

In contrast, candid pictures of people in action, like the one above of Francois de Menil with his mother Dominique and wife Susan, remind us that clothes are to be used and not obsessed over.

Looking at the picture, there are about ten things you’re likely to notice before getting to what Francois is wearing. In fact, it would take someone a good long moment to see his soft tailoring, wide lapels and collar, high rise, and horn-rimmed glasses. But that’s just the point. While Francois is undoubtedly well-dressed, his attire takes a backseat to his happiness and rumpled, casual air. He’s not here to show off his new grenadine or fidget with his barely-exposed pocket square.

This picture isn’t about clothes at all. And that’s why it’s great inspiration for how you should dress.

wellwornwornwell on posing for OOTDs.

There is nothing ordinary about a simple t-shirt.

This home tour. 

This bag. ( Is local leather market in Italy getting an internet presence ? )

This art print.

DNA testing plants for a more sustainable future.

Sam Harris and Yuval Noah Harari in conversation.

The legendary chef Alice Water’s Kitchen and Garden.

Fall trips if you are visiting California.

This salad recipe index on NYTimes. Need to print it and stick it on my fridge.

Some home decor advice.

This fascinating video on forest fires.

What would happen if all the humans disappeared from Earth ? 

How to edit a human.

On Breakfast.

Rockstar Jedidiah Jenkins’s book is finally finally out ! I have been waiting for 2 years. To get a sample of his writing, check out his Instagram.

Garden design from the legendary Piet Oudolf. ( Screening in Palo Alto. )

R.I.P Phoebe Philo’s Celine. I will always remember it as the era that made me fall madly in love with clothes and fashion.

My fav naturalist gets married.

Thinking of getting this to wash our exercise clothing.

“The world is an ever shrinking place, what divides people is not miles but bad ideas and thoughts.”

When one woman writes, produces, directs, shoots, edits a passion project with no real budget and takes 4 years to finish. When she shoots it all on a Canon Mark 2, the same camera that I use to take mediocre flat-lays for this blog. When it goes on to win National Awards and become India’s official entry to Oscars. When nature is cast as a herself in a film. When a story of resilience wins hearts – Let me introduce you to the film Village Rockstars.

Remembering the style of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. 

When is fashion considered sustainable ?

“History owes an apology”. India decriminalizes Section 377, a law that punishes homosexuality with 10 years in prison.

This project on kaggle that takes in the socio economics of a person and predicts his chances of getting off RMS Titanic before it sank. Data geeks  nerds, feel free to poke holes.

This interview of Elin Kling, blogger, founder of Toteme and magazine editor.

When your hero turns out to be a sexual predator.

How-to : Update your wardrobe when you already have a closet full of clothing you love.

Secondhand Finds :

This periwinkle turtleneck paired with black denim for a touch of spring during the Fall.

This cape for when going out for drinks in an outdoor bar or lounging in a friend’s backyard.

A collaboration happens when two artists bring in the best of their crafts to make something better than what they would have made individually. When Lanvin and ACNE made a denim shirt : this happens.

This one maybe my idea of a perfect floral print shirt. Too bad that it’s not affordable. An affordable version.

This striped denim blouse with a black wrap skirt perhaps ?

This denim tuxedo shirt looks like something the folks who go to the Kingpins Show ( invite only conference for denim lovers ) would fight over.

I would like to gift this scarf to the women in my life who are active, exercise and do sports.

A black turtleneck, black trousers with this hot pink scarf tied on the outside of the fabric covering the neck.

This red scarf on a gray sweater and blue denim.

This striped scarf to go with everything !

This navy Les Prairies De Paris coat to wrap yourself in.

Steven Alan makes wool joggers : Exhibit A & Exhibit B. 

This poncho, to wear in the picture I would like to paint myself in :  a train journey, a seat by the window, some coffee in hand and time to day dream.

A gray cashmere sweater, for being a reliable foundation block in a closet.

This red scarf if I had a wealthy aunt who is feeling generous and wants to buy me something nice for no reason at all.

Dainty station jewellry by Ippolita, my favorite.

To end the month, this recipe from my cousin :