This Tribeca Loft won the Gold A design award.  The view of the sky room/patio filled with plants from the living room is charming. Take a closer look.

Ferm Living catalogue has dropped. 

A talk by Fibershed’s founder Rebecca Burgess, hands down the best comprehensive lifecycle 101 for laymen who want to understand sustainable fashion. ( Students of science will love this one. )

I am an anti-lawn evangelist.

A scientist marvels at the engineering in a Comme des Garcons dress.

( For readers who understand Telugu language. )  When a member of samskari police and an artist with the urban sensibilities of modern India have a dialog. ( Samskari police is an Indian slang used to refer to folks who bully others in the name of culture and tradition. )

A review of ASOS clothing by someone who has knowledge of the craft.

Life skills everyone should know.

Erin’s Q&A about ethical fashion.

Stephen Bayley’s morning routine.

The vibe of this festival. 

This gardener’s personal style. 

Nick McDonald’s home.

Identifying quality of denim.

This insta second-hand store.

This podcast on Fake News from an algorithmic perspective.

Blue garment of the month : This dress has a thin red stripe at the bottom of the skirt. That little detail !

Second hand finds : Army green striped sweater in cashmere, black and pink striped top in cashmere, navy and ivory striped tshirt, gray and ivory striped sweater in cashmere, black wool poncho with brass buttons, navy swing trench in cotton and the most beautiful coat I have ever seen.

( Affiliate income from August & September has been pledged to the Kerala Relief Fund. Thank you for your support. )

Vintage floral print.

This pink marble serving platter.  ( Santa ? )

This home tour.

Hello, I am an influencer and I want free stuff in exchange for exposure.

This grilled fish recipe.

This post on starting a backyard vegetable garden.

This tea house.

This wedding day photo.

Currently Reading : Gardening with a Wild Heart, by Judith Larner Lowry.

Kino Macgregor , the ashtanga yoga teacher gets a lot of flank for the shorts she wears. Here is her reply  :

First of all, people don’t like the clothes I wear.  I’m not going to apologize for my choice in clothes, whether they are too small, skimpy, bright or whatever. At the risk of sounding callous and elitist, I think the discussion about telling women to cover their bodies lest they offend or stimulate someone’s sexual desire belongs to a by-gone era, not the year 2013.

The men’s traditional yoga gear is a loin cloth that barely covers anything.

I wear short shorts, they cover everything that needs to be covered, and I honestly think people should just get over it. I’ve had numerous conversations where I explain my choice of yoga clothing to people, and I am getting exhausted by it. I’m from Miami—where it’s hot and a lot of people wear shorts and show a lot of skin.

I figured out long ago that if I wore pants I would use friction instead of core strength and that no men were wearing tights to hold themselves up in the challenging arm balances. So I made a conscious choice to wear shorts even though I slipped and fell off my arms for years. Here I go…explaining my choice in clothes again and I’m honestly sick of it! My choice is mine alone—I certainly don’t force anyone else to wear shorts.

If you don’t like shorts, don’t wear them. If you don’t like seeing my wear shorts, don’t watch. My freedom of choice is rooted in the history of women who gave their heart and soul to feminism so that I could vote, wear mini-skirts and tiny shorts, burn my bras, go to college, pursue any career that I am qualified to do, lift up into handstand and marry whomever I want freely. I will not betray the heart and soul of feminism to appease anyone’s else’s discomfort with my skin.

Lastly, a shout out to this lady for this reply :

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 3.47.26 PM

The metrics I choose to remember the passing of August.

# of sun salutations : 347 ;  # minutes of HIIT : 30 ; # trail miles 3 ; # closet additions 1, # garments worn out 0 ; # plants planted 13 ; # books finished 3  ]