Dress : Steven Alan, second-hand and worn in ( as seen here ).

We moved out of our tiny apartment and into a cottage with a backyard. 15 days after we left, Fernando, my ex-landlord gave me Cinco.  I gave up on zero waste for the initial move in period and am slowly getting back into the routine again. I am learning about the challenges of living more sustainably in a bigger space. ( Is that oxymoronic? ) Growing vegetables, planting native shrubs, bee-friendly gardening, repairing the soil, reducing water waste, … have replaced the mind space I once reserved for fashion and clothes. I used to churn out blog posts every week after working on them for a few hours. Lately, I am struggling to get myself to even think about clothes/style/fashion. You must have noticed it in the lazy half baked posts published this month. I sincerely hope that it’s a phase and I don’t give up all of my interests in favor of a more domestic life. Style is important. Meanwhile, some reading material collected over the past few months made it into this post.

Actress Dia Mirza on living sustainably in the urban jungle.

This is solely an opinion and open for debate. That opinion can be altered, changed, and become more nuanced but it can only do so by having a discussion. You can disagree, but closing the door to that conversation with vitriolic comments does no one any good. It also says something about you if you result to that. It means you can’t handle the challenge of being persuasive. Of making conversation and would rather retreat to your bubble pretending that everyone should agree with your opinion. Those at the The Casual, myself included, believe that in order to come to a better understanding of any issue a conversation must be had. We only want to promote discussion on this channel in the realm of street fashion. We understood the reaction before we received it but this video was made so we can have a discussion. Not so we can engage in the tribalism that has plagued street culture and even humanity since the beginning. Open up, lay your thoughts out, change minds. Engage and maybe we can come to consensus. The only regret we have is that social media allows us to simply down vote without explaining why. We don’t want to promote that, all we want is discussion.
Reggie, The Casual.

Alexa Chung’s Met gala dress was inspired by Anne Boleyn.

How to read more, from a mom of 2 who works full time.

I don’t do brunch because ….

A treat for Serge fans. 

Sada Nanda, a song from the telugu movie Mahanti.

Bar soap vs body wash in a plastic bottle.

AMA, an underwater ode to the women of the sea.

T Magazine, my favorite way to marination on style. Beauty is shallow and intellect is cruel. But when they meet, I want to be there listening.

When Los Angeles school teacher Helen Hulick wore them to court to testify as witness to a burglary, the judge ordered her to return in a dress. “I’ll come back in slacks and if he puts me in jail I hope it will help to free women forever of anti-slackism,” she said.

Luxury is something old, worn and beautiful.

A perspective on personal uniform.

Style is a privilege of age.

How to judge quality in clothing. 

Can you live in a mansion and be sustainable ?

How not to punch people who imply : minimalist aesthetic == your lack of personality. 

Reducing emissions from global shipping – the wheel is turning.

Enzymes that eat plastic waste.

I am not happy with you California. They killed a bill on affordable housing that addresses the zoning issue.

A review of Everlane jeans by someone who has knowledge on denim. 

The women’s clothing industry is scamming me ?

Reasons to avoid the straw/wicker summer basket trend.

Implied Masculinity/Femininity.

My idea of ideal body for my bone structure.

Meanwhile, I found my perfect t-shirt.

Question of the month :

This article on Wired about scientists being encouraged to avoid air travel. “The climate scientist needs to tell the coal miner that things cannot go on the way they have. That is such an emotionally laden conversation,” says Wilde. “How can we tell people who have less that they need to change their economic circumstances, when we who have more don’t?”  When Delhi, the Indian capital city tried to ban the fireworks during the festival of Diwali to reduce pollution, my family was angry. “You elite liberals will fly to Europe on vacations but us poor folk releasing some emissions to celebrate our festival is bad?” “If I buy 30 garments per year from H&M, I am a mindless fast fashion consumer. But if you buy the same number of garments from Everlane, Reformation, Elizebeth Suzanne, Eileen Fisher, vintage and second hand shops, you can use the S word all you want.”  Thoughts ?