Ingrid Dress : A.P.C

Lately, I have started to feel my 30s. That uncomfortable question ‘is the dress too short on me’ lingers on the back of my mind. If and when I hear ‘you look young for your age’ : instead of accepting it at face value, I wonder if I am not dressed like a 30 something woman. Midi dresses are a good option but they are not a flattering length on me. Dresses that fall just below the knee are an option but they don’t have that certain quality that makes dresses special for me. Slowly, maxi dresses emerged as the next best choice. A Pinterest board was populated – for research. I waited for half a year before I purchased one – for immunity from impulse purchases. I saw how my friend Marian wore her maxi dress with a leather jacket & boots to a Isabel Marant launch party she let me tag along.  I was sold. (I saw her wear a vintage kimono as a cardigan and want one too.) This spring, I got my first maxi dress. The second one arrived yesterday from NeedSupply‘s summer clearance. It was under a 100$. This maybe as good as it gets given the make of the garment.

Pros :

  • It works for American-Indian gatherings.
  • It has pockets.
  • Works well for date nights, dressy ocassions, house parties or whenever I am feeling up for it.
  • Bay Area is chilly. The length keeps my legs warm.
  • Indigo. It’s a shade of blue that I am exploring.
  • I tried to assess the quality of the garment but I have no idea as to how a wrap dress should be constructed. I trust A.P.C. The dress was originally priced it at 400+$ and I assume they didn’t take the short cuts. ( But as life has taught me, price is not an indicator of quality. I remain skeptical. )
  • Cotton-linen blend. I mistook the weave for denim. It’s chambray.
  • I have tried a lot of wrap dresses in the past and none worked. I had too much cleavage showing, boob fat spilling out, fabric clinging in a very obvious manner or clothes coming undone as the day progressed. This dress works because the drape does not go all the way across the dress. This one has hidden buttons on the inside to hold the drape in place. I can replace the buttons with ties in the future if needed.
  • The neckline has ruffles which are a bit over the top for my taste. I tuck them in and the dress looks great. I will get them removed by my tailor.
  • Another blue dress ! Always a joy. I want to frame it on my walls and stare at it all day. It’s that pretty.
  • This dress makes me want to go places and throw dinner parties – just so that I may wear it more often. Can clothing make you more social or anti-social ?
  • I can wear it with a gray sweater and boots in Fall/Spring.
  • The price. I will not be buying 3 things from a fast fashion store. It’s preventing me from buying more.

Cons :

  • The price. I will not be buying 3 things from a fast fashion store. I should be content with this one garment.
  • It’s not navy blue.
  • That little voice in my head says “do you really really need it?” I can use words like ‘mindful consumption’ and ‘well made garment’ to pad up my purchase, but I don’t need it. I want it. More I indulge in this, the sooner I will loose my right to talk about sustainability. I dread the day when my blog becomes a proof of my own hypocrisy.
  • It fits me just about right. It’s not immune to my weight fluctuations. ( But I am confident that I can sell it and recover the money. )
  • Will it stay put if I go dancing ? New silhouette, new territory.
  • I chopped off my long hair. This dress makes me miss it. I can use the ‘extra-feminine bits’.
  • I want to wear pants more often and phase out the dresses. Pants are more practical but dresses are what I am happiest wearing. I am having a “life is too short, buy that dress” moment.
  • I have a closet rule : 90% of my closet should be everyday wear. The 10% can be impractical and over the top. This garment belongs to the later category. Not something I can wear everyday. It’s hard to dress down given it’s length and how feminine it is. Alexa Chung can style everything effortlessly. She will effortlessly pair Chanel couture with converse sneakers and stroll on the streets. Unfortunately, I have no such talent.

Dear readers, I am open to suggestions. Please give me ideas on how you think this dress could be styled. Do you think it can be dressed down ?