Fashion film of the month : Lacoste, Timeless. ( Max Richer did the music.)

Have you checked out the Covetan house yet ? 

The Endless Quest, on Put This On.

No Onion, you are wrong. I do spend time outdoors. Don’t you mock the trench coat ! Two possibilities : Onion is right ( it usually is ) and I am a fashion victim. Or I am an outlier. ( Its good for my ego to think the latter. )

Homo sapien fossils found in Morocco and Israel. This could help us understand our origins and migration patterns better.

 Ignore people’s advice, avoid tradition for tradition’s sake, and stop following recipes. A bountiful home garden helps, too.

– Erez Komarovsky, How to live life, Saveur Magazine.

This closet tour.

This last letter.

This blue fabric. 

This pinstripe wool short coat by Isabel Marant.

This graveyard for clothing.

Interview with Brandon Truaxe, founder of The Ordinary Skincare Brand :

Why did you get into the beauty business ?

….. I was horrified that in the lab, it was all about the scent, consistency, touch, sensorial experience, its not about the evidence ….. eventually, the role of the chemist reduces to meeting the requirements of the marketing team instead of inventing the next big thing …

( another reason we need better reviews of products. )

Cristóbal Balenciaga’s black.

(new) Blog discovery : Wear About, an Indian Street Style Blog. ( When living in India, I took a lot of styles of dressing for granted. I called them mundane/common place. This street style blog presents Indian fashion to me with a fresh pair of eyes. It makes me nostalgic. It makes me miss traveling in India. It makes me miss the textiles that I once had access to. I am amazed at the diversity from each state. I am amazed by the way the West meets the East in some of the northern states. That is something I have been meaning to achieve. To make both the cultures represent and meet in my closet. There is plenty of inspiration for me. The blog has interviews with my kind of designers. I am counting on this blog to be a window into letting me explore Indian fashion and style. )


Please excuse me while I take a break from talking about myself, clothes and style. I over did it in 2017 and am turned off by it all. I want to write about other matters that are dear to me. Zero waste. Food. Travel. Or nothing at all. If you don’t want to see these other essays, do check back in Spring.