Margaret Hamilton, Ex-Director of Software Engineering, NASA’s Apollo Science Program. She wears her shift dress with style. 

On Aging Gracefully.

Should the 800$ t-shirt get criticized for its pricing ?

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A guide to vintage shopping in London. 

This Pinterest board on Personal Style.

This studio apartment tour. (video)

Chanel Cruise collection ft Liu Wen (video).

Casey Neistat’s guide to life ( video ).

Lessons in photography by Walker Evans. 

I am eagerly awaiting this movie. Dear India, please don’t let them bully you into silencing the artists and banning movies.

At the heart of materialism sits the love of things, while consumerism is the neurotic love of purchasing things. Where materialists derive joy from owning and using products, consumerists compulsively buy stuff they don’t truly value or need because consumption unleashes an addictive dopamine hit in the brain. That satisfaction, however, is short lived because it fades shortly after the purchase is made — hence why so many of us are swept over by feelings of buyer’s remorse. The acquired product itself is secondary to the act of buying it. Denniss argues that materialism is less contemptible than consumerism because people who genuinely love their belongings will use them, take care of them and repair them rather than simply replacing them once they lose their sheen.

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Blog discovery of the month : Rose N Crown

Should a lifestyle blog be centered around beautiful things or beautiful moments ? Do we need beautiful things to have beautiful moments ? Can snapshots stolen from a passing day be beautiful ? ( Yes, No, Yes.) All those children at play makes me happy. All those adults running through the trees makes me happy.

This sweater sold by Nat Geo.

CH: “People keep asking me if I’ve ever been in a situation where I felt sexually threatened, and when I’m like, ‘honestly, no,’ they say, ‘Well, that’s because your personality is so strong.’ And that’s such an unfair thing to say to women. It’s not because I have a strong personality. It’s just because I’ve been lucky. People with strong personalities get sexually harassed all the time. That has no place in our conversation.’

AC: “It also implies that women who have spoken out were more vulnerable and therefore they were more targeted. That’s not cool.”

This conversation between Alexa Chung and Chelesea Handler.

This tote bag !

So, there is this stripe top …

Closet tour of Mari Giudicelli

Alice in Paris. ( Fantastic food show ! Each episode is 2 minutes long).

#what-about-ism : The disease where people scream “What-about-<insert some tangential problem>” every time we talk about a specific problem to circumvent the real issue.

This article on Fast Fashion/Fast Consumption.


#meToo : Thank you to the women who spoke up. Your courage has been contagious. Thank you to all the men and the women who have been supporting the victims. Good choice TIME Magazine !

Question of the Year :

If I wrote/published a big fat book on Personal Style, would you be interested ?

And Finally :

To Universe With Love

Happy New Year !! 

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