Always start with the why : 

For my pleasure. To step out of my comfort zone and try something new. To wear the garments I like but are no appropriate for my day to day life. To be able to dance and not have the clothes restrict me. To be able to eat and not feel corseted. If the night slips into a long conversation, to be able to settle down on to the floor without feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes, our gatherings can slip into planking contests / dance offs. Be ready. To be in sync with the crowd in the room. I don’t need to be the show stopper. I don’t need to compete with the peacocks. I want to be under stated without looking too casual or disappearing into the walls.



A cable knit for the informal gatherings.

Isabel Marant blouse

This blouse made me gasp out loud when I first saw it. This garment may as well be designed just for me.

Second-hand Isabel Marant finds : Olive green blouse, black eyelet blouse, Ivory crepe blouse, purple pinstripe blouse, embroidered blouse, Rajasthan inspired blouse, white embellished blouse.

red dress

The color red makes the outfit. 

Goat shirt dress

Kate Middleton and I have one and only one thing in common in our closets – this Goat shift dress. We wear it differently ofcourse – I take mine wrinkled and covered in pet hair. A proven formula : a plain shift dress + tights with some details (mine are from Free People few years old). These heels entered my closet two months ago. That was when I realized I don’t get fashion trends. Why are kitten heels the fashion pariah again ? I can walk in them. I can dance in them. They don’t hurt. I like the silhouette they help me make. They are definitely out of my comfort zone and I am trying them out. They don’t exist in my closet to redeem themselves in terms of cost-per-wear but for the impact they make when worn.

Some of my favorite looks collected on Pinterest. 


We are off on a road trip to camp at the Death Valley National Park. I plan to cook some porridge over a campfire, lounge in my tent and read a book all day, once I get there. 

I hope you get to use the holidays for some rest and rejuvenation.

I wish you stress free holidays and clutter free xmas gifts.

Merry Christmas everyone !