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Quote of the month :

Dont only practice your art. Force your way into its secrets. For it and knowledge can raise men to divine.

– Beethoven

While the mythical French woman is revered, this French lady who is fashion royalty has been enjoying the laid back elements of American dressing.

Discovered a Style Advice Column : The Essential Man.

I wish I wrote this post. This is exactly how I think but it never translated into words when I write my posts. His leather jacket  buying guide is state of art. All of us bloggers should aspire to understand the garments and process when we write reviews. Or not write reviews at all.

These tumblr accounts : 1 & 2 .

The environmental cost of free two-day shipping.

This bottle brush.

Dinner jackets : black & pinstripes.

Modest Dressing, as a virtue ?

195 commonly propagated climate change myths and their explanations with references from peer reviewed scientific journals.

On Feminism. By Sam Harris.

This fantastic kitchen shelf.

This house tour.

I watched this video on vintage shopping in New York City and wanted to book a ticket right away. Same with Paris.

Clothes in which you can move. I predict that practical clothing is the only kind that will survive time as we evolve.

Can I swap lives with this creature ?

Should we kill animals to conserve them ?

Tribute to Azzedine Alaia : by Prima Darling, by Classiq, by The Guardianby Vanessa Friedman, by Vogue,  by Dress Like a Parisian. by i.D Magazine.

Which type of minimalist are you ?

Aesthetic : They don’t necessarily own less, but they certainly have less on display.

Essential : They are obsessed with using less, having less and paring down their belongings to only the ultimate basics.

Experimental : You might also call them “backpack” minimalists for their ability to fit their entire life into a bag and be ready for anything.

Sustainable : Their focus is on green living: reducing their dependence on, consumption of and harm to the environment.

Thrifty :  the end goal is about spending less rather than using less. They embrace minimalist tendencies because of their financial mindset.

Mindful : They practice sensible moderation not for any particular financial, ecological or aesthetic reasons, but purely in search of their own peace of mind.

What type of minimalist are you ?