People in my life who once used to spoil me are now terrified to get me a present !

Thanks to my ruthless decluttering tendencies, an idea of minimalism that I am pursuing and my disapproval of goods not ethically made, I have made sure that nobody gives me gifts anymore.  I sometimes go to my father and ask for things on my birthday – because he is the only one will oblige me.  Harsha believes in tough love and does not think I need more things. All in all, considering how much I own and how much I don’t want to own, I am glad things are not being showered upon me. But if they were …. here is a letter.


Everlane black denim. ( 98% cotton, 2% stretch, my ideal composition. Jet black. Made responsibly. 11oz. 68$, too good to be true. My black jeans are no longer black. They are ashy. But I cant throw them out for a newer pair. I will wear them till they are usable. I hope Everlane keeps this style around in their permeant collection. )

Le Chameau Rain boots. ( We currently live on the country side. I wear my regular shoes in the mud which has been not that big of a hassle but its not good for the shoes. I keep putting this purchase off thinking I will move away from here into a more urban landscape soon enough. Also, ankle boot length might be more appropriate given where I live.)

National Park annual pass. ( We get this every year. We would spend way more money if we were paying at each park’s entrance. )

Bradley Mountain backpack.

Waste & Want, A social history of trash. ( Don’t know why I need to read this but I do.)

The Cooking Gene, A history of African American culinary from old South by a respected food historian. ( Now that my sister lives in Baton Rouge, I get to try out the food. I might as well learn something about it before my next visit. I want to be that annoying prick in the room who tells the locals how their beloved food came to being. )



Okay Santa, get to work now. You know where I live. I prefer the books in a digital format. If you can also get me a rescue dog and somehow convince my landlord to let me adopt Cinco, I would be very grateful.