Outfit : Everlane sweater. R13 denim (secondhand). Church’s Boots. (secondhand) Vintage YSL scarf

Currently Reading : An Abundance of Less

Mood : Is it the Thanksgiving weekend yet ?

Tune on Repeat : What Heroes Do.

Little Victories :

This is the first year as an immigrant where I am enjoying the chilly outdoors. Cashmere sweaters help.

This is the first November where I haven’t skipped on my exercise routine or scaled it back because of the weather. Jackets and socks help.

Little Pleasures :

A good hot dark dark drinking chocolate as soon as I wake up.

Tea candles in a lavender oil diffuser in the evenings.


Camping socks.

A scarf every single day.

Extra sleep under a warm blanket.

I feel rich :

My stack of sweaters. I have 3 !! Red, Navy and gray.

We got a beer advent calendar for the holiday season. The word got around and our friends are dropping by to “check out” the calendar. Cinco, the too-curious-for-his-own-good cat, the cardboard box connoisseur, is not allowed near it.

An upcoming road trip to Joshua Tree National forest and San Diego. We are loading up on our playlists and podcasts for the drive.

Winner of the Cuyana Clutch 

I’ve made many of the mistakes you mentioned and hopefully have learned and trip up less frequently. But…just this past month I got impatient because I couldn’t find what I was looking for and just bought something that neither serves the right purpose, nor makes me feel good. Pants. For the love of all things holly, why are all the pants theses days cropped, stepped and shark bitten, flood water high, cutting the calf in half, ripped, distressed, made to look vintage (thanks very much but I can wear my own damn clothes out over time), released hem, etc. Cropped wool pants? Wtf? I do wear ankle bearing pants in the spring and summer. But in the fall and winter, I want warm ankles. I just want a pair of wool, lined (who am I kidding—even expensive designers send unlined pants to the market!) straight leg pants. So yea, I made the mistake of falling victim to the trends instead of having to really hunt to find something suitable and long lasting. Oh, and no, I don’t live in a big city with access to good thrift shopping or good department stores. Truly, the environment would thank us if we just removed the word “trending” from our vocabulary!!!

– Debi

Question of the week :

Should the outfit/garments NOT be common place for you to derive pleasure from it ?


A blog post by The Scarlet Window that puts forth the term ‘mass manufactured with no individuality’.

Is homogenization of personal style same as ‘mass manufactured with no individuality’ ?