This is the best soul food I can share. I have been making all my friends watch it. Its only fair that I do the same to you.

The photographs on this travel website are exquisite.

Love this feature. This is what I needed, 20 years ago … Its finally here.

The French are more sophisticated, but perhaps the English are more original. Though you couldn’t get more original than Serge. Or Olivier Rolin. And Lou’s father, Jacques Doillon. Maybe the English are more eccentric. I came to Paris for the first time because I was sent to a finishing school. The French girls used to mock us in the Metro, they could see we were English because we were so badly dressed. They were all impeccable but they were all quite the same. It wasn’t yet the swinging Sixties, and we didn’t know how to turn ourselves out. In 1968 it was our turn! Fashion was no longer for the chic 35-year-old Parisians, it was for the English too. I was always just wearing a t-shirt on the King’s Road that cost five quid and loved my basket that came from Soho that was Portuguese and also cost a quid. That was what was so wonderful. In Paris, they thought you were very daring wearing such short skirts, but everybody did at home. It didn’t worry me at all what people thought of me.

Jane Birkin, On Parisian beauty and Style.

If you like looking into closets …. here they are !

New blog discovery : La Mignonette

This woman has allure. The view of the world from her eyes is enchanting. I want to scream “Who are you? Please show your self. Aparecium !!“, while waving my pencil around like a wand at my screen.

I am too calculated with my closet purchases to bring in playful elements like these overalls or real vintage army jackets. Nor do I have a lifestyle where I can wear them. But I like looking at workwear from the past.

New York times has a feature on taking care of your clothes. I thought I knew it all until they taught me something new.

My friends buy fast fashion. ( I usually hear ” its all marketing. They are lying. ” or “I am too important to spend the time looking for clothes” )

If hybrid electric planes will be a possibility by 2022, I can try to travel locally for the next few years and put off my international vacation dreams for later. Being a tourist in your own city/country is very under valued in an age where we treat countries vacationed at, like conquests.

“Any time I hear a man say he prefers a woman in a skirt, I say, ‘Try one,’”

– Katherine Hepburn. 

A style icon indeed. True style is a snob.


Half Earth Day.

After months of being depressed about the state of the planet, I feel numb. It doesn’t effect me anymore when I read the news. I can now carry on with my agenda without allocating the energy to worrying. Lets do this humans !

Happy 11th birthday to my second fav website : Brain Pickens. You have given me so much joy. (#1.Nat Geo #3.On Being )

Quote of the month :

“You are entitled to your opinion. But not your own dictionary. “, Seth Meyers. Words have meanings. Opinions are different from facts. (Credit to the writers on his show.)

New this month :

Started a debate club at home. We meet twice a month. In the first meeting, we discuss our pre-conceived notions on the topic. (This month was about gun control). We share perspectives and make opening statements. The rest of the month has discussions over email. We each have to find 2 perspectives that are not our own and 2 data based articles from credible sources. The articles get scrutinized and wont be accepted on their face value. We meet at the end of the month and see how our perceptions have shifted with the new knowledge gained. We found a few gun owners to pitch in. There were a lot of emotions, passionate arguments and angry words flying around in our tiny living room. Its been an exercise in separating emotions/dogma from rational thought. I get to learn the art of moderating an argument. Its been a good challenge.

This video is my alarm. I wake up, watch it and get on my yoga mat. It works !

Lessons on life from Bell Peppers.

Its been a shopping free month for me. I didn’t have the energy to browse or disposable income to spend. In my post on RealReal, I wanted to link some good finds, but looking through stuff was draining me. Don’t have vintage/second hand finds to link this month. But I plan to do a few gift guides next month.

We the Indians celebrated Diwali last week. Two office Diwali parties happened this week for which I cooked. The planning for Thanksgiving, Xmas & New Years Eve has started. The holidays are coming !!  Happy Weekend.