Drawdown – I write a blog that sometimes references the concepts of sustainability from a stand point of individual consumption. But I don’t for-a-second think I am making a difference given how big the problem is. This book is a starting point to understand some recommended ways to tackle climate change, 100 of them arranged in descending order of overall impact arrived at by data science. My husband works in clean energy and is making a difference. I want to do my share too. Its a good book to help us figure out where to send our yearly charitable contributions.

This scarf?

Underwear – yearly replacements during the thanksgiving sales. I like these ones too to wear under yoga pants for a seamless look. I buy two of each every year.

Shower cap – another yearly replacement. Thanks to this and braids, I can get away with washing my hair once every 4 days.

Porter magazine, Winter Edition – I flipped through it at a news stand and their incredible woman issues live up to the words in the title. A good coffee to sip on, while I read it.

This perfume set – the only clean fragrance I found till date. Once I zero in on the fragrance I like, I plan to get the perfume oil, my preferred way of consuming scent and the most economical one.

To be able to blog – My husband thinks its a waste of my time that can be better used else where and I agree with him. Its a guilty pleasure of mine. I love the process – the taking of photographs, the story, the research, the friendships that came out of it, … Its my own NGO. All the profit made from the affiliate links will be donated to the environmental charities at the end of the year. Thank you for tolerating posts like these which are a bunch of shopping links put together.