My compost bin & I.

Outfits of the Week …

“I am still going strong in wearing a uniform dress everyday (it is black). After trying a couple of black dresses off the rack that couldn’t handle daily wear, I finally chose a custom made black dress in a washable French wool, lined, that can be worn frontwards or backwards with a removable sash made by a small woman owned business with a refugee seamstress in Houston (its called Kit made). The price was so reasonable and about the same as a new dress from a store like Anthropology or Banana Republic. I have worn it everyday and it is so durable and beautiful- perfectly tailored. I am making it work for the Boston fall by wear some black tights, a warm black cashmere infinity scarf (made by a refugee cooperative), and a closet staple from many years ago (I got it in the 90s in high school)- a Levi’s trucker jean jacket that has southwestern embroidery on the back. It’s just the right weight for this season and feels like a warm hug.”

 – a comment by NSH

These words stayed with me and I wore an all black(-ish) outfit all week in solidarity. I like that my closet meets all of my whims. I like that it doesn’t need me to make hard decisions but still offers me variety, frivolity and joy.

My month’s trash :

Never ever thought I would pose and post pictures of outfits for a style blog. The feeling is still surreal and it peaked this week : I now pose with my trash can and its contents. A year ago, I wanted to give zero waste a honest attempt. This is what I have to show for it. This is all the trash we made in the month of September. (It’s our best month so far.) Buy some, make some and forego some, has been my strategy. Considering whats going on in the world, I don’t forego anything at all. NONE of this is a real inconvenience in any sense of the word. The switches I have made so far, save me money. I can chase the “zero”, in zero-waste to the dot. But that would require some planning and stern budgeting. (Sorry Ariana, I will do better. I promise.)

Downcyclables :

A cardboard box that is a relic of my online shopping habit. Large vinegar container.

I do get some junk mail. We used it to start a fire last weekend when we went camping.

Landfill :

Some food scraps that should not go into my compost bin.

Stickers/plastic produce ties on vegetables from a brick and motor grocery store

Some misc un-avoidables.

Plastic downcyclables that only grocery stores take back :

Plastic bags for Indian spices that are significantly expensive to buy in bulk.

Homemade ghee that I bring from India, sealed in plastic. My mom still feeds me. Its the best feeling!

Glass Recyclables : 

The wine we drank

The jam we licked.

Am I chic yet ?

Have you heard of the zero waste movement ? Is it a cause that enlists you ?



Did you consider the waste you make when you create your ‘Buy some, make some and forego some’ list ? I used to only factor in the cost until 2 years ago. Environmentalism forced me to consider the waste. To afford bulk produce, I have to be frugal. Minimalism is a pleasant side effect of it all. It’s all intertwined ?

Do you count the little victories ? Or do you let the ‘zero’ in zero-waste make you feel like you are not doing enough ?


Outfit of the day pictures : You have seen it all. Blue dresses. A blue shirt with black pants. I have been taking the picture-a-day just because I want to look back when I turn 50 and see a style journal.  Hope you don’t mind seeing them on the blog.