( Gardening == Happiness ) ?

Fernando, my landlord is a monk in civilian clothes, while his cat Cinco is a devil in disguise. He is currently away and I have been entrusted with the care of his garden. “I saw a peacock this morning in the front yard. If you can feed it everyday, he will stay with us”, he texted before he boarded his flight … I always thought of Fernando as a man knows the secret to a good life. He is the man in the room who is always smiling and making people laugh. He is the man who adores his wife. He is a man who runs towards people who need assistance. He lives a simple yet luxurious life. He was an immigrant and worked very hard to get to this stage in life. He is currently retired and works on his garden for hours everyday. Its his pride and joy, like his children are. Every inch of this land has something exceptionally beautiful which is a result of his toil. He doesn’t go to an overpriced Instagram-able potted plant store to shop for his garden. All the pots are from the Wednesday flea market near our home. (Same amount of my respect goes to women who build their wardrobe from vintage shops.) All the plants came in as saplings or as seeds/stems he collected. He has a lot to show for his decade of hard work. What I call work, he calls – meditation. He calls it happiness.


Woke up to this tune stuck in my head. The outfit was picked accordingly. It had to be a dress. Nothing but blue will do. The scarf is a vintage fabric from West Africa used for wedding ceremonies. This is the best I could do to match the beautiful music.


When the cold winds arrive, I am glad to have denim waiting for me in the back of the closet. Harsha looks really good in red. We share clothes – his clothes. I joined depopp and waited for 2 years for Ann Kim( of AndyHeart ) to get tired of those mary jane flats. She did. I purchased them and promptly deleted the app from my phone. My theory : if you wait long enough, any item you see on the fashion crowd can be found on the second hand market.


That trench ! Take a bow Everlane for making this garment. I always thought the length of the trench doesn’t work with my height and the clothes I wear. But I like it too much to not wear it. I feel secure inside it. I think wearing a belt over it can dress up the outfit.


Everlane chinos – still think they are the most comfortable pants ever made. Navy and black – still think its the best color pairing for me. I wear this outfit with pink ballet flats. I am waiting for the moment when I realize I have become a the fashion victim to a trending color/item. Hasn’t happened so far. Maybe a splash of impulse buys from time to time is an essential ?

Question of the Week :


Fall is said to be the most exciting season to dress for. Leather jackets and trench coats come out to play. Textures from various fabrics come out to mingle. One can snuggle inside sweaters and scarves. Are you looking forward to the season ? Are you ready to let go of the summer yet ? 

What are your fall essentials ?