The wrong order ?

  • I lived in one of the hottest towns in India during my childhood. And was covered from head to toe in layers, in the name of modesty.
  • Arizona retained me for most of my youth. In the 115 degree heat, I would wear oxfords, skinny jeans and silk button-ups.
  • California. I followed my husband here. It changed me. I now wear sandals, chinos and sleeveless tops. I am usually covered in dog and cat hair.

Human toes are the ugliest part of the body. They are like a cross section of a lizard’s tail“, I once said to a friend of mine when discussing flip flops. Across the table sat another dear friend from Turkey, who wore an abaya for religious reasons. She make a remark that concluded the conversation and made me wish I never opened my mouth in the first place. “I wish I could wear sandals. It’s hot outside.” One woman’s choice is one woman’s scorn and another woman’s desire … This is the year I said “no more” to this restrictive idea of flattering that I devised for myself and all ( some ) of my prejudices. Dressing just for comfort is not something I would ever do. This is the lowest rug I will climb in the name of comfort. Presenting a new silhouette, complete with sandals :


Chinos : Everlane 

These are the kind of trousers I always wanted from Yohji’s clothing line. I got the black in size 0 and the beige in size 2. If my shift dresses morphed into pants, this would be it. They make me cuss at my denim – ” You are done! I am never coming back to you again. …” As I write this emergency blog post to broadcast this sentiment, these pants have their own protest group among my friends and family. “Something a blogger would wear”, meant as an insult. “You look comfortable in there”, something I would say to women who wear leggings as pants. “I hope it’s a passing fad”, referencing my frivolity.  My sister yelled “No…..No… No….” in Lousiana and I could hear her in California. Harsha thinks I “usually” have a good taste but these pants aren’t doing me any favors.

Sandals : &OtherStories

Woman by Common Projects makes the original pair. Too expensive and uncommon to appear on the second-hand market. ATP atelier made the same pair but I dislike the quality to price ratio on their shoes. ( I showed them to my cobbler. He started laughing out loud when I told him the price. I promptly returned them. ) When they showed up on &otherStories, I caved. In terms of craftsmanship, they are mediocre. More points for form than function.

Top :  A.P.C

Polka dots deserve a page of their own in my Little Blue Book. They need to be of the right sparsity, right size and not be of high contrast – to sum it up in a hurry. This old shirt was the poster child of perfection until I couldn’t fit in it anymore. Parting with it was out of the question. After a year of waiting to see if this middle age weight gain is a temporary surge, I can say : the weight is here to stay. With the sleeves chopped off, it fits me the way I want it to. No more pulling at the bust. After mocking APC as stereotypical Parisian chic and for being the supplier of images for ALL the capsule wardrobe collages on Pinterest, I have fallen in love with their clothes.  At what point does a woman accept defeat and admit to being one with the crowd ? ( Answer : Never ! )


The Purge ?

Did I tell you that I wore out the navy blue and black silk blouses while these just sit and wait for their turn in the back of my closet ? I am old enough to know that it’s not a phase. I am angry at them for not being navy blue and want to sentence them to Realreal’s warehouses to be sold. A part of me tells me that I should hold on to them just in case I get tired of navy blue after a few years. Another part of me wants to uphold the vow that I took to wear my clothes till they die. Am I slipping into the cull and buy cycle again? Realistically, I know that selling them is the right thing to do. They are too beautiful to not be used.

UPDATE : Writing down conundrums help me think more clearly. Blogging helps. I am afraid that I am slipping into a cull and buy cycle again. I am already at the 10 incoming garments mark this year with 5 worn out items. At this rate, I will live up to my “there is no fast fashion, only fast consumption” theory. I think I will sell one of the blouses and wear the rest. I dont want to be a spoilt brat discarding clothes based on my whims.


Skin Care

My skin is one of those things I take for granted, as long as I use sk2. I weened off it beginning of this year to see if I can do without. The answer is no – the hyper pigmentation is back. A month after I brought it back, my skin tone is even again. (Just woken up and no makeup face in the photos above.)  I got Ordinary’s arbutin to alternate … save some money. It’s a “nice” product, but it’s nothing like sk2. On the other hand, Ordinary’s Vitamin C made Skinceuticals irrelevant. I am sorry if you purchased CE Ferulic on my recommendation. I am sorry for wasting your money. Ordinary’s Vit C is an exceptional product while being 6$ for 30ml. This has to be my first anti-aging product. Just because of all the saved money routing into my retirement fund. Wrinkles won’t age me. Lack of adventure will. And I need to save up.

Questions :
Would you wear something deemed not flattering for comfort ?

Have you ever purged something gorgeous because it’s not your style anymore? Its a bad idea right ?

Has the legend of the Ordinary skincare line reached you ? If you know of any superstars, do share.