“I notice that when a woman is taking joy in her life, she is her most radiant and attractive.  Her beauty has nothing to do with the size of her nose, the height or the shape of her body. A woman’s beauty is in her ability to experience pleasure.”
– Cindy Joseph.

Wonder woman of the month: Mukta


” As I was getting my son ready for his Independence Day celebrations at school last week, I got a random idea. As a tribute to the lady who “fought like a man” for her freedom, he went dressed as Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi. Here he is, with the long hair, the sword, the symbolic baby tied across his back and merrily shouting ” Main meri Jhansi nahi dungi”. ( I wont consede my kindgdom.)  May more women empower, and be empowered! “

 If I could swap my mind for another, I would pick her. I can go on for days about Mukta …. She gave up eating meat when she was a child because she loves animals. In India, you see stray animals on the roadside and don’t bat an eye. You get used to it. ( There are people starving on the streets and you get used to it too. ) She used to pick them up and take them to the rescue shelters. She gave up fireworks for the festival of Diwali when she was 8, after she got to know about child labor and the pollution that is involved in the process. She used to routinely discourage the shopkeepers from handing out plastic bags in the stores. She participates in roadside/beachside clean ups. We once found a 500 rupee bill on the roadside. The immediate impulse among us friends was to buy some pastry for ourselves. She was 18 and hungry, like the rest of us. But she stood her ground, split it into smaller fares and distributed the money to the homeless folk all day.  If I have a daughter, I will name her after this beautiful human. ( Actually, can I clone her? ) Oh, she is one of the smartest people I know in terms of IQ, education, and execution of ideas. She recently quit her job as an investment banker and became a full-time parent. When you have a child, your carbon footprint apparently multiplies several times. They are on the wait list to adopt a child instead of having a second biological child. She lives the idea of simplicity that I idolize.

Randy Pausch’s last lecture. ( It has 18 Million views for a reason.) During my teaching years, I would give extra credit to students who read his book. I had professors who made me read: Guns, Germs and Steel. A short history of nearly everything. Zen and art of motorcycle maintenance.

Hypothesis, Theory, Fact.

Investment clothing, a perspective.

This journal.

Grace Note Chimes. My neighbor has the EarthSong in their front yard. When we go for a walk, Hombre and I always stop and listen.

Blue garment of the month : Cable knit sweater.

Vintage garment of the month : Tartan Skirt with scarf.

Second-hand garment of the month : APC polka dot blouse

Blog Recommendation: Un petit bijou.  She had stopped writing years ago. But I go back to re-read when I am craving eloquent writing, beautifully made garments and essays on personal style.

This Instagram account: Urban Jungle Blog

Vestiare Collective has a series called : Love your style. I view these videos for the same reason we travel to far off places. These closets don’t resemble one another and there is so much to see.

When David Lebovitz goes vintage shopping in France.

” The atmosphere is listening, and it carries the sea’s messages far afield. Before we existed, and after we are gone, the ocean will continue to whisper to the atmosphere. ”

– Written by a climate scientist/mom/poet.


#ad : Arete Goods. They found my blog through my Porselli Review. Asked if I could review their ballet flats. I tried my best to scare them off. I told them that I won’t write a review before 100 wears. And they said ‘absolutely’. I then told them that I am a data scientist and we don’t draw conclusions from a stand alone data point. I will have to pit these flats against every other ballet flats I ever owned : Prada, Jil Sander, Clarks, Porselli, Saint Laurent, … And they said yes again. Brands usually back off. Not these guys. #respect. Now that I have them, can I be objective about an item that I didn’t pay for? I will do my best to do an honest review. Let the experiment begin.

Films and storytelling. When I was younger, I only appreciated the plot and the key events – the fight scenes, the love scenes, the pretty actors, … the obvious entertainment. But the nuances add a certain depth to a story – the silences, the character development, the conversations between characters that show a conflict of mind, the design of screenplay, the cinematography, … I used to think art that needs to be explained is not art at all. (Although no amount of explaining will make me ‘get’ Vetements). Once I started to learn about these elements, the pleasures of the good films seem to amplify.

( Would you roll eyes at me if I told you that I only got to know about the Bechdel test this year? Elle and Sairat are the only films I watched this year that passed the test.  )

Any Game Of Thrones fans out there? Life advise from THE Hound: Stop whinging.


Balcony seating chart on Saturday movie night.