Wonder Woman of the Month: my aunt Renu

My father worked from 9 am to 9 pm, six days a week for 40+ years. Actually, most of the people I know work this way. And my aunt Renu is the hardest working person I know. At the end of 32-hour work shifts, she will go exercise in the gym before coming home. She is the one who has the healthiest food on her plate at buffets that boast the most decadent spreads. ( Her skin ! She is 50. She does use La Mer, but I think it’s the raw food and exercise. ) She has a fantastic personal style and enjoys fashion. She has a group of very close friends and they know how to have fun. She takes care of her two young children and is involved in our very large family. She doesn’t chant the word busy. She doesn’t complain and takes life head on. She once told me that she designed the life she wanted and works for it. She is my biggest inspiration.

Every month, I find new inspiration that pushes me forward. @zeroWaste, we won’t give up on you.

Oral historian, is what she calls herself. History books are filled with stories of rulers and their conquests. History told by every day citizens of the world in reference to everyday objects, gives a not so often spoken perspective of time that is past.

Finally ! The staged tent photos busted.

Weddings are big, expensive and can be borderline ostentatious. A few people who are changing this norm. Why don’t I know more of such people in real life ?


How divine is ↑ garment? Margaret Howell makes it. ( Fabric: 100% cotton twill ).

Vintage garment of the month #etsy : mauve silk kimono

Blue garment of the month #eBay : Navy wool jacket

New blog discovery: Linda Wright has a blog ! Her beautiful mind and sense of style shine through. My blog would give her blog a standing ovation if they met in person. Her closet stories are an inspiration. She has convinced me to invest in my wardrobe, hold on to the beautiful pieces and wear them forever. ( I discovered her blog yesterday night after dinner and sleep is overrated. )

A compilation of beautiful interiors: An Indian Summer.

Riddles !

This interview of Lucy Williams.

This interview of Caitlin Stasey.

10 Rules of writing : Part 1 & Part 2 .

( Two more : writing tips & advice to young writers )

Finally, youtubers are being called out for the way they haul and cull (fast) fashion. The bloggers are beginning to acknowledge their awareness of the issue. We are at-least talking about it, but miles to go.

Parisian Style  : Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

In my sci-fi fairy tale, my female cast will have a winter closet comprising of garments from Dior, Fall 2017 Couture show. In navy blue instead of gray and with shorter hemlines for dresses. They will wear shades of red lipstick and keep their hair natural. Yoga, oatmeal and smoothies will be a part of the daily routine. They will ride bikes. They will use math models and write code to solve problems instead of using weapons and violence. Animals will be revered in the kingdom instead of being cooked or made into handbags. Forests will be elevated to the status of places of worship. Air will smell pure. Simplicity will be the societal norm. Gross Happiness Index will be the barometer of growth of nations. Artists and scientists will have larger social media following than reality tv people and pretty people known for wearing pretty clothes …. Ofcourse, I am day dreaming ! These are the after effects of watching Wonder Woman.