↑ Wonder Woman of the month: she is my childhood friend. She is currently serving in Yemen with Doctors Without Borders. She was serving in Syria last year before she was injured. Coma, brain injury, mental illness, broken engagement, … were what 2016 threw at her. She recovered and went right back to work. I am beginning to realize : Activism is not a choice, its a way of life. ( Notes to self : Applies to fast fashion, zero waste, charity, minimalism, environmentalism, ….. Not something to do if and only if it’s convenient and easy. The way I think and what I do doesn’t match up. )


Wonder Woman & it’s athletes:

The Amazons were played by actresses from all over the world and world-class athletes: Norwegian actress Lisa Loven Kongsli, Uganda’s Florence Kasumba, champion boxer Ann J. Wolfe, Wushu expert Samantha Jo, CrossFit champion Brooke Ence, pentathlete Jenny Pacey, track and field star Moe Sasegbon and eight-year-old champion horse rider and jumper Lilly Aspell,  who played young Diana. “We set out to find all the best most incredible athletes in the world,” Jenkins told Conan O’Brien of assembling her Amazonian army.

Enough with the stereotypical nerd classification.

My fantasy life has me staying in bed to stare at these photos all morning while Harsha brings me coffee and pastry.

Drawdown, 100 ways to reverse climate change, a book summary on NatGeo.

Climate change seems to creep into our dinner conversations all the time. Before I get into a discussion, I ask for their sources. I send them this journal paper and ask for a follow-up chat after they are done reading it.

There is a difference between being cheap, being miserly and being frugal – This excellent article on frugal living.

Costume design in Game of Thrones.

Minimalism as a vector.

New youtube channel discovery: ScIQ

This is it. I am going for it.

Personal Style article of the month : 10 commandments by Bruce Boyer.

Ethical Fashion article of the month :  Style Wise.

Blue garment of the month : this apron

Vintage garment of the month : French Antique Camisole

Best workplace tour : Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson

Satire of the month : A peek into the celebrity wellness business.

Trevor Noah’s heart.

Privilege explained – by Toby Morris or by Kimberly Clark. An eye opener for me.


Without my noticing, California slipped into a gorgeous summer. The weather gods granted me a wish – I now sleep outdoors on my patio every day. I haven’t done this since my childhood in our ancestral village. A warm breeze, some stars, some residual city light, a mild fragrance of flowers that I can’t identify mixed with the fragrance of the lemon tree, footsteps of unidentified animals, croaking of the insects, … the night is very much alive. Hombre stands guard and sleeps by my feet. In his dreams, he is running. Cinco’s nightly adventures include bringing his prey to hide under my bed. I am a farmer’s granddaughter – and we don’t complain about the mice and lizards. The rays of the early sun and Cinco screaming for food have replaced the need for an alarm clock. There is no snooze button for this sort of life.