Having wonderful teachers was a privilege I had growing up. They would drag me along to watch procedures, presentations, things getting made, … be curious. One of my favorite teachers told the 10 year old I once was said : ‘if you like wafers, you should know how they are made. It’s not acceptable to claim you like them otherwise’. It’s been a guiding principle that stayed with me since. Shallow knowledge scares me. So when it comes to fashion …. I consume it and profess to love it while knowing nothing about the anatomy of it. How did Margiela innovate his fabrics? ( I will answer this question next week.) How does Alber master the drape on his garments? … I wish I had an insider who can show me the ateliers and let me marvel at the art of it all. I want my blog to grow so that some of these doors open to me and I can learn more about the craft. Meanwhile, I will settle for the on the surface, non-technical videos.

Art of Shoe Making

Making of the Miss Dior bag

Lessons from a Tailor

Making of Hermes bag

Making of a Ferragamo bag

Making of Gucci Bamboo Handle Bag

Making of The Little Black Chanel Jacket

Making of Ferragamo Shoes

Making of a Lloyd Coat Wallet

Making of a tobacco Case

Making of bench made suit

Making of Valentino Rockstud bag

Making of Valentino lace macrame

Beauty of guipure lace

Draping at Dior

Pressing a jacket

Since I am a huge Bob Kramer fan

Taking care of leather

Imperial War Museum’s take on Make-do-and-mend

Master cobbler, Raul Ojeda of Willie’s Shoe Service

Shoe care from the legendary John Lobb

Art of Shoe Shine

I don’t own any of these products but that hasn’t stopped me from admiring them all. I have long stopped associating beautiful things with the acquisition of them. Hope you find some fascination with craftsmanship and some zen in maintenance like I do. The only making I get to do is to make my garments last. To all those people who don’t enjoy polishing their shoes or pressing your clothes, you don’t know what you are missing out on. Touch your beautiful things – every inch of it. Take care of them. Enjoy the little details. Enjoy each stitch. Make them shine. Feel free to ignore the free advice.