Pictures from Meg’s wedding by the legendary Greg Finck. Her wedding day is the day I discovered Lousiana.

Most beautiful blue dress award of the month: FilippaK.

Most beautiful vintage garment award of the month : blue linen tunic. (Ignore the price.) The color, the way it was mended, the stitches, the peter pan collar on the back, the texture, …. what a beauty ! I would love to stumble into something like this in a flea market. Or even better, wear and mend my clothes till they look this way.

A decluttering video from a man I respect and came to adore: THE Wayne Goss. 

I keep getting told that my home lacks personality because I haven’t furnished the walls and surfaces with stuff. When I saw her video on home decor, I had a smile plastered on my face the entire time. I decorate my home with fruits, vegetables, twigs and animals.

Made in Bangladesh.

( Warning : it requires a brave heart. And possibly a loved one to untangle the heart once you have finished watching it. )

My three favorites: Nick Knight’s Showstudio, Lou Stoppard and Peter Lindbergh. Why are his photos the way they are? It’s because of the way he thinks. I want my influencers to be artists, philosophers, scientists and the likes of him. Some highlights if you can’t watch the video:

On Timeless :

Timeless is a very high scene quality ….. either you can go into details and you can start decorating your pictures and decorating the people to photograph …. that is not timeless I think because its all the decoration ….. if you strip everything away to a minimalist approach … that is timeless I think.

On Beauty :

its simple … its just about yourself. If you tend to yourself and be yourself, you are beautiful. It starts very very little cheap but there is no other definition except you can go into details again …

Read, re-read, pin, study, reference, share – worthy. The things I want to say, she says them better with beautiful words.

Man of the hour: Trevor Noah. ( Finished his book and I couldn’t be more impressed with his mind ).

I am off the grid for the long weekend. Until next week.