[ 1. I didn’t think my outfit pictures could get more awkward, but here we go !  Atleast Cinco, the cat is always poised and knows what he is doing.  

2. The sartorial gods are playing mischief with me. This dress is becoming shorter as the years go by. It’s now a tunic top.

3. #springHaul : Am trying to see if I can shop once per season and stay away from the stores until peak summer. I can’t be staring at clothes and sorting through wishlists all the time. It’s exhausting. Trying this system out. The pants and the bag are second-hand finds. The pink shoes are something I grabbed before they sold out in my size. The A.P.C dress is from 2015. I had it shortened because it looked granny-ish on me. I put on 5lbs since and it’s become inappropriately short. I wanted to sell it away in spite of really liking the dress. The cropped pants saved it from the axe. 

Pants : J.Brand. Polka dot dress : A.P.C. Pink flats : Clarks. Bag : A.P.C ( “pre-loved” )

Reading : Born a Crime.

Tune on Repeat: City of the Sun ]

My fashion repeller husband : what on earth is a ‘pre-loved’ bag ?

Me : Some one owned it and sold it. Women love their luxury handbags so much that they find using the word ‘second hand’ for a second-hand bag derogatory of the luxury handbag. It’s a marketing term.

Him : Pre loved sounds …< grin> .. like the bag has been “loved”.

Me : Shut up !

Him : So if multiple people pre-loved the bag ….. is it called an orgy ?


A random evening:

Me: did you check out the Pepsi ad with Kendell Jenner?

Him: What’s a Kendell Jenner?

Me : What planet did you eject out of  ?

Him : Oh wait, is it related to Kindle?? But why would Amazon collaborate with Pepsi ?

Me : Please keep guessing. < grabs her phone to record a video of this conversation >

Him : Oh, Is he a relative of Caitlin Jenner ? Wait, did she have a child ?

Me : You are precious !


In a bar in San Francisco late into the night:

Me : Quick ! Look ! Valentino Rockstuds ! Near the entrance.

Him : WHAT ? WHERE ? ( with a worried expression )

Me : Her shoes.

Him : Oh. I thought you saw someone with a gun in the bar. What’s with the tone of your voice ? I was worried. You have to stop doing that every time you see some weird looking shoes.


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Question :

How have the men in your life influenced your personal style ?