” Oh this old thing ? They are finally getting broken in. Aren’t they gorgeous? “

Rescued by shoe polish every week. I can get 100 more wears out of them.

Its difficult to convey in words as to why I find worn in clothing beautiful. Been trying to write it down but can’t seem to succeed. There is a familiarity. There is a warmth. There is a sense of loyalty. There is a quality of earthiness to it. The way you look at the bark of the tree and don’t complain about the scratches on wood. When they say “Valar Morghulis” (all men must die) in Game Of Thronesthere is a sense of siege the moment and accept the inevitable in those words. The sense of comradeship in the reply Valar Dohaeris ( all men must serve ) is most apt. I also see it as an antidote to the youth obsessed culture of apologizing for every pimple and calling out on every wrinkle.

My teacup makes me realize how deeply materialist I am. It gives me pleasure every single day when I use it. 

My first silk shirt. It’s from Zara and absolutely not disposable. 

My mother’s pearls. I can’t pull them off but wear them anyway

The coin is from 1944, pre-Indian independence. My great-grand-ma let me have it. This December, I got around to getting it converted into a key ring. I am not sentimental about stuff unless it has something to do with her. 

Jane Birkin. I would NOT dare lump her in the worn in category as my tea cup. She is a legend in her own right. Just wanted to say : she is as stylish now as she was at the peak of her youth. That woman once trampled over her Birkin bag to show that a bag doesn’t own her. My kind of style icon. And her smile ! It makes me sad that nobody makes style-muse-to-copy posts with photos of her current self. 

I wasn’t born liking old broken things and weathered items. I grew up in a culture that adores lavish ornamentation and rich materials. With time, I have been trying to unsubscribed from that idea of ideal beauty.  Scuffed shoes and tough handbags are a way of life. I adore chambray and denim for how beautiful it looks when worn in. Gabardine, canvas and leather become more handsome as they age. So does linen. Touching my old wooden desk feels miles better than a shiny linoleum lined table. Everytime I need a new chair, the first place I will look for it is in a flea market. It’s not an aesthetic that I am chasing but a feeling perhaps ? As I warned you, I didn’t succeed at writing this essay.