Source : Read the full article here. Her closet is currently on display at the MET museum ! Closets now have cultural significance? Interesting times we live in, right ?


The right amount for her.  Very elegant. Reeks of orderliness. If I were to judge from the closet, she is the woman who knows her mind and is in control of her life. She buys exactly what she needs and works for her. She has a strong sense of personal style. 


Things carefully chosen and cherished.


Useful objects adorn the shelves.


Her closet is primarily white. I want mine to be army green, red, blue, gray and black with white shelving. I want all of my books on fashion, shoes, handbags, my camera, this watercolor, perfume, jewelry box, an olive tree branch in a vase, … – in my ideal closet. And this amount of orderliness.

Style Notes

On an Ideal Closet

When you live in a 400 sft cottage, every addition is a matter of optimizing the space. It’s a miracle that we keep our home in order. When we were apartment hunting, I vetoed this place straight away. There is no way I can fit in here, I declared. But a chance to live in the nature that surrounds it, made me accept the challenge. It was the start of my journey to simplify my life. When my home is in order, I feel better. Perhaps I inherited 5% of my mother’s compulsiveness, which is still too much for me to handle. There have been days when I left work early to clean my house. I actually enjoy laundry and organizing my closet … because … look at the beautiful things in it !  My current 4 ft by 4 ft closet has all my spring/summer clothes hanging with space between the hangers. This is my litmus test of not having too much – space between the hangers.

My closet isn’t a minimal one. It’s more medium size one with about 42 items of clothing in it excluding shoes, accessories, pjs and workout clothing. Yes, its very uncool but I counted. (Wardrobe inventory post coming next week). Reducing my closet down to some popular random number isnt a priority to me. After spending a year or two competing with the minimalist Jhonses and convincing myself that I was an evil person pillaging the planet, I quit. I did try to write down what makes my ideal closet :

  1. Enough space. Ease of finding clothing. Ease of pairing what’s in it. Peace of mind.
  2. Having enough to rotate through so that my favorites don’t wear out too soon.
  3. Don’t have so much that your favorites don’t get worn enough. How can I appreciate something that gets used twice a year?
  4. All the items in my closet are my favorites.
  5. Having something to wear for every situation life throws at me. Gardening, Warriors basketball game, work, teaching, conference, freezing temperatures, play dates with pets, backpacking expeditions, day hikes, Indian wedding, Indian family gatherings, cocktail party, Xmas formal gathering, visiting a brewery with friends, house party, lounge day, …
  6. Have nothing that I dislike but am anchored to (out of guilt).
  7. My ideal ratios: ( 80% timeless classics, 20% contemporary pieces. ) ( 40% blue, 40% black, 20% accent colors.) ( 80% casual, 10% dressy, 10% Indian. )
  8. Lots of accessories.
  9. Quality and versatility are non-negotiable.
  10. Vintage treasures.

At this point in time, I am not concerned with owning N items per season. I am in no race to get rid of anything in there to hit an arbitrary number. My needs are different. I am more concerned about NOT prematurely discarding 10 of them and eventually buying 10 new items to refill the void. Getting most wear out of a clothing item and wearing it through the end of its life cycle is more of a priority. For the first time in my adult life, I am deeply content with my wardrobe and happy about my personal style. Learning to accessorize made the biggest difference. The same people who have told me I dress boring have been telling me that I can make the simplest of clothing look good. Not that I need external validation, but I am no island. It feels like a victory to be able to do my own thing.

Question :

Have you arrived at your idea of an ideal closet ? Have you arrived at your ideal closet? Is the ideal closet a mythical concept or an attainable one?

From my interaction in the comments, I get a feeling that none of you are big shoppers and are very happy with your closets.

True / False ?