Men’s Shawl: Inherited. 100% wool. 

Black wool shirt-dress: Stella McCartney, purchased second hand. 

Ballet flats: Frye. Their ‘burnt red’ is an exquisite shade.

Location : My fav tree on Mt.Hamilton. 

Still reading : Secrets of Sommeliers. This book makes me appreciate wine the way Richard Feynman talks about beauty

Tune on Repeat : Charlie (malayalam movie) OST #5


“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien

Style Notes

My Grandfather

The shawl was a present to him from my mother when she visited Delhi, India’s capital city in 1980. He didnt cherish things but respected them. He wore it until the day he died two years ago.

His uniform : Crisp white cotton kurtha and pancha with no distinction between day wear and evening wear. He didnt associate brocades and silks with elegance. He saw it as excess. He in fact asked his daughters to give up the traditional clothing and wear menswear inspired clothing. They were repulsed and horrified by the idea. ‘His suggestions were too Coco Chanel in a society that liked its voluminous gowns and ruffles’ as my aunt puts it.

He wouldn’t approve of my shoe closet. I know it. “How many feet do you think you have”, he would have asked. If I shop less, he might approve of this blog.

I asked for the shawl and my grandma let me have it. How could she part with it? She mumbled something about how she wants the shawl to become a swaddle blanket for my future baby in his memory.

This dress worn as an Indian salwar kameez .

Walking around town with a shawl isn’t exactly a practical outfit choice. I don’t like or wear beige. But clothing has never been just about utility or sustainability for me. I don’t own a cardigan. I use this shawl to wrap myself when I work at my desk.

My 5-year-old nephew has a superman cape that he wears and runs around at his top speed. This shawl is my superman cape. I want to be like my grandfather.


What’s your grandpa like? Please share a story if you can.