Balenciaga Le Dix

Bag : Balenciaga. Price: 280$.

Consignment Store: Goodbyes, San Francisco, California.

Bags that competed for the spot in my closet :  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.


Style Notes

Bag Shopping ( sigh ! )

Ideally, I want a Hermes Kelly. But I am not in the income bracket that can afford it. Even if I saved for it, not sure I can spend the money when it comes to it. Don’t know how I feel about Kelly inspired bags. That left me with my only choice: a vintage bag. This shape was popular back in the day.

It’s not in pristine condition. The stains on the back, I could get them out with some leather cleaner. The sagging on one side –> I put a small book on the back and it stands up straight. I suspect the bag was not stuffed on the inside when in storage. I will take it to my leather expert and get it reinforced. I plan to mend my bag and make it perfect.

This is a bag I can afford. I haven’t been treating it like a baby. If I scratch it, I won’t fret about it. If it sags some more, I won’t welcome it. But I will accept it. I can afford to use it like a sac, which it is.

I am not for bags as status symbols or precious objects. I used to own a Proenza Schouler PS1. It was very expensive for me. I could buy it but couldn’t afford it. Every scratch and sag caused me anxiety. I sold it away because I didn’t want to live like that. My closet should work for me, not the other way round.

When I saw this bag, I gasped. It is exactly as melodramatic as it sounds.

I am rather good at second-hand shopping < pats her self on the back >. I had a learning curve which wasn’t pretty but I got here.

A structured bag feels a world different from the brown satchel I was using. It’s very prim and proper. Things stay in place. It’s easy to find the keys. I can use it for evenings out.

Another first for me: a bag with feet and a solid base. It sits up straight like an elegant lady when I put it down.

“Are you sure it’s vintage, it doesn’t look 20+ years old”, says my aunt Renu. I don’t know. I am going with the story I was told in the store.

The flap closure : I have been warned by you guys about how impractical it can be. I agree. I never handled a Kelly to compare. But my bag needs two hands to be closed. Its only a month old and I am still very enamored. If the novelty wears off in a few months, I might complain about the closure … just a little. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Question :

I don’t like bag shopping.

They are expensive. They are not easy to sell or buy. There is too much pressure to get it right. I have no leather expertise. I for one, want to use a bag as a sac in which you put your stuff and lug it around. Get it dirty. Put it on the floor. Get it scratched. Stuff it up when needed. Not think of resale value. Not caring about the bag is what makes it a luxury bag in my book. The ultimate luxury is when you buy a quality item, can forget the price, use the heck out of it and find pleasure in it even after years of usage.

Do you like bag shopping?