Blue Dress : StevenAlan, bought secondhand. Red Flats : Frye  Cuff : D&H Jewelers

Location : Our first home together, after 6 years of long distance relationship, on Mt. Hamilton. Instead of using a white wall for background, I want to record all of my favorite spots on the mountain.

Currently Reading : Secrets of Sommeliers. ( Fine wine meets beautiful story telling. I feel like I am sitting in on intimate conversations in wonderful vineyards when I read the pages. Didn’t know you could tell everything about a wine from just the color and smell ! )

Tune on Repeat : Statues, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Style Notes


The 30’s metabolism kicked in and I feel my age. (I turned 32 this week.) My body sized up in the last year. I am glad that I built my closet around boyfriend shirting, jeans with stretch and shift dresses. Those silhouettes are weight change friendly.

Personal style definitely is a privilege of age. When younger, I didn’t have the confidence to stand my ground and state my preferences. ( I now think I am overconfident looking at the nasty things I say on this blog.) I finally learnt how to shop and how not shop. After years of good and bad choices, the good ones paid off. I declare my closet built ! I finally learnt the nuances of applying makeup. Found my shade of red lipstick. Found a signature perfume. Style wise, I welcome age. Energy wise, not so much but regular exercise helps.

On my birthday, I wore a blue dress. Everything else felt inappropriate and not worthy.

My bold statement combination : navy mixed with red.

As a kid, I would get a new outfit on my birthday. I think I followed that tradition every year till now. My old blue dress outshone everything else I could have wanted. I have been waiting to break into cotton dresses and the Californian weather finally granted my wish. I needed the trench to survive the rainy evening.

A picture of this dress worn on a short hike near our home.

Upon some investigation, I got to know that none of my blue dresses were dyed naturally. I really want to try my hand at indigo dying. For a brief while, I considered getting a second hand white dress and dying it indigo as weekend project. I could dye it a lighter shade of blue, wear it for a few days and change the shade to a darker tone until I find the perfect blue. But in the end, I didn’t need another dress. Maybe next year !

Cinco, the cat, got me a snail for a present whom I photographed (featured) and let go. (He usually gets me mice and lizards.) We ate dal at home and drank sake on the side to celebrate. #aMovableFeast

Question :

Do you find it silly that I talk about bday clothing like a child would ? Do you get excited about your birthday assuming you are no longer a teenager … Do you wear your absolute favorite item of clothing too, on your birthday ? When is your birthday ?