Hello lovely readers. Hope your week is going well. If you follow my instagram, you know how busy I have been. The dreadful weather wasn’t doing me any favors. It was chilly for the last few weeks and finally the sun is out. I am excited for spring and the new clothes. I showed my purchases on Snapchat and you guys loved it. I was asked on tumblr on ideas to pair them by my followers and decided to post a picture of my outfit to show you how its done. The pictures are not staged and are totally spontaneous. I was snapped crossing the street while I was going about my day by my Instagram husband.


*Illustration : The Unknown Hipster

About the outfit : When I spotted this beautiful blouse on abc e-retailer, I knew this would be the perfect investment piece that will go well with everything else in my wardrobe. The ruffles are victorian with a modern twist and the details are incredible. I have paired it with blue jeans, suede boots, coin necklace and disk necklace because I saw Jeanne Damas do the same and French Chic is ….


My big news : Hope you are excited. If you follow me on instagram and twitter, you know that I got an opportunity to work with this incredible brand : XYZ. I am absolutely in love with the brand’s aesthetic. I was sent these pants. I haven’t tried it before today, dont know the pros and cons of the fabric, have no idea about the conditions in which this item is made, don’t know if it will hold up with wear but I will recommend it. I will profess that it is a must-have in everyone’s closet because I make a commission if you purchase it. I will use words like ‘staple’, ‘style’, ‘classic’ and ‘investment’ very liberally because stats show that it betters my sales pitch.
Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 7.55.21 AM
Let me include shopping links to alternatives – all of which I haven’t tried but recommend for purchase just because they look similar. All of them are expertly curated from the brands that are on my affiliate marketing network. The cheapest option listed is made in a sweatshop in abhorrent conditions in abysmal quality but I will recommend it anyways.

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xoxo, me.

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Can AI write a blog post ?

Having a point of view and a voice distinguishes the good blogs from this sort of consumerist banter. I think a machine can write this sort of generic post. “Its 90 degrees outside ( First line, weather channel report as a sentence ). I purchased new espadrilles ( always a new item) from Chanel ( pick the brand that is trending or recognize logos in an image). I paired blue shorts with black shirt ( Its visible in the photo. Useless information if you can see. Machine can write this sentence from the image). Add some filler sentences to make it 300-500 words out of the same content. “Stripe top is classic, timeless, never go out of style.” “These shoes are an investment for every closet.”…. has a format right ? AI wrote a novel. A blog post should be easier. It can go on Net-A-Porter, extract images of new clothes and attempt an outfit image. A human standing on a street with background blurred out to show depth of field. If Shopstyle or reward style can provide a few analytics, it can generate a list of shop-the-post links based on visual similarity and to maximize the chance of a sale. It can also generate such comments :

Comment 1 : You look great. Love the way you put it together.

Comment 2 : You are gorgeous. So chic.

Comment 3 : Great outfit. You are so pretty.


Just thinking out loud. Its on my task list to make an attempt at creating a machine generated blog post in 2017. This is easier said than done. But I think it can be attempted … I will start with this inane version first. Don’t get me wrong. I am guilty of so many of these. The products on marble slabs. The sly prompts to follow me on social media. Praising clothing from brands I don’t own ( have you seem the yoji fan girl posts I made? ) I take my own outfit pictures, I don’t even have an Instagram husband. I am in no way a revolutionary. This is me, making fun of our kind. I think it borderlines nasty in some sense. Sorry !