Navy shift dress : Goat, 100% woolMauve Loafers : ValentinoArmy green trench : Edun, 100% cotton.

Currently Reading : The Gentlewoman Magazine. (Its terribly overpriced. Wait and buy from eBay after a month? )

Tune on Repeat : Gustavo Santaolalla -The Last Of Us Soundtrack

Style Notes


The color mauve is the tone of nude that works for my skin tone. Most shades of beige : I dislike in general or dislike on me.

In 2015, I used to attend yoga classes at university. Most of the studio was filled with (retired) ballet dancers. (They moved like poetry and dancing their way through the class.) One day, we huddled around at the door to admire a pair of old ballet flats with a rubber sole stitched on the bottom. The girl said she missed dancing in them and found a way to keep them in her everyday life. I went home that day and impulse purchased these pink shoes.

Pink is a bad idea for shoes. I dont wear them more often because I dont want to get them dirty. But I love the way they look and what they bring to my outfits. Its a collision of practicality and letting the heart run wild. Dainty shoes have an element of vulnerability that I am not averse to.

I have no idea how to clean these … can I use the leather conditioner on it ? See why I don’t wear them often ? This spring, I take a resolve to wear them and not worry about ruining them. They are of no use to me sitting in the closet untouched.

Fav formulae : Small dose of mauve + mostly black outfit / navy outfit.

Question :

Do you wonder : what percentage of your preferences are a result of your surroundings and internet influencers ? I saw the pink shoes on the ballet dancer and bought mine. I saw something on someone, and immediately created a need that didn’t exist prior. Its not a bad thing. I dont make my own clothes. So I have to find inspiration and the pieces somewhere. But how much is my own personal style and how much is external influence ?Are your needs truly yours ?