Every season, I like to delve into my closet and pick out a capsule wardrobe. And then I designate myself as the expert stylist to give myself advice on how to do the season. I imagine I was hired by a store like Net-A-Porter asking me to write an article on style featuring the items in store. The result is this blog post. 1-2-3, Go :

1.  Stop with the all black outfits.

Three months is enough.


I have other clothes too  …. enough with the hibernation. Whats the point of building a closet if I wear the same thing every day ? Frankly, I am quite tired of all black. Its my lazy to go outfit but I can make some effort ….

2. Bring back the shirting and the dresses.

Let the skin show again.


Its warm enough to let the legs get some vitamin D. Its warm enough to wear a shirt not fully buttoned up. It took me years to find shirts in the shades I wanted. Let then make up my spring palette.

3. Wear light wash denim.

Lighten the palette.


Black jeans are my go to state of inertia. I need to kick myself out of it. Stop being the lazy dresser that I can be. This season, I will lighten the palette. I miss wearing blue jeans. And the blue I own is my right kind of blue denim.

4. Find a way to wear these pink loafers. A lot.

Get the cost-per-wear out of them.


I don’t wear prints or fabrics with standout texture. These shoes can add some depth and texture to my spring wardrobe. When ever I see a blogger showcasing pink and I am tempted buy something new … I want to reach for my pink shoes instead of doing the : “buying now, wear twice, hoard for years, declutter later” routine. Pink shoes aren’t exactly practical, going by how I destroy my shoes. But I decided : let them be destroyed. I will buy another pair of pink shoes when I wear them out. Let them get dirty. Let them get trashed. Let them wear out.

5. The trench coat is the designated captain of the wardrobe.

Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent said so.


Rain coat cum cardigan cum tent. What a wonderful garment ! I should have got one years ago. Monsieur Yves gave women style. He talked about the perfect garment. A garment that works with what you already own, doesn’t look outdated with time, something that you can build a closet around …. If he were a rockstar, I would have been his groupie.

6. If wearing shades of gray, use a colorful accessory to break it up.

Its not cool to wear all grey in the spring.


I know I will relapse into gray and black outfits. Its my nature. But then, a studded pink belt or a red scarf can liven the outfit. I plan to play around with the accessories. Even pile them on to learn if they sit well on me. I want my style to evolve and not be static.

7. Wear drop earrings everyday.

Let them tickle you when you move.


I have avoided necklaces and earrings because they get caught up in the winter layers. Bracelets were a more practical accessory option. Now that I am mostly scarf free, drop earrings everyday ?

8. The shoe closet

Red, Pink & Black


The lace up flats – was a fashion victim moment. Fell for the trend. I plan to use them and not be a victim anymore. The red flats add a pop of color and go well with my trench coat. The Jil Sanders square toe ballet flats are the best ballet flats I have ever tried. A review coming up soon.

9. The handbag closet

My old new bag is here !!!


I found my vintage black bag. It feels a world different from my brown satchel when I wear it – so prim and proper. I have quite a few events to attend this season and some traveling on my calendar. I hope to use my clutch when I am out and about.

10. Continue to be nasty

Make fun of the trends.

I wont switch up my signature fragrance to some floral note. I wont do ruffles. The victorian blouses – no to them too. Mutton sleeves – no. All the pink online, I can resist. Those tshirts with feminist slogans, no to them too. Did you notice that the bloggers are now supposed to pick a favorite ear and wear one statement earring on it ? I will pass on that too. Big no to mom jeans. No to straw bags of any sort. The French girl cliches, no to them too. I put an empty Diptyque candle jar in the recycle bin and Instagram cried. One trend I am thankful for is the trench coat. On the other hand, those block heels are tugging on my purse strings. I will wait till the fashion crowd gets bored of them and dump them into the second hand market. Waiting is good. It will also give me the time to figure out if I really want them. Its too easy to get caught up in the moment.

Question : Do I offend you ?

When I use the words “too much color” or “visual clutter”. Every time I call a bright color gaudy … or confess to not liking prints … or when I reject mom jeans … If you like a current trend that I don’t and make fun of … Does it offend you ? ( I welcome anonymous comments, so feel free to speak your mind. )