Trench : Edun, Fall 2011 collection.

 Jeans : R13, 100% cotton

Tutleneck : Cuyana, 100% cotton. 

Ballet Flats : Jil Sanders

Necklace : Madewell.

#whomademyclothes : Edun is Bono( U2)’s fashion venture to provide livelihood to women in Africa. They eventually shut down but I adore the man for trying. R13 makes its clothing in Italy using high quality denim from Japan. Cuyana makes their t-shirts in a factory they partnered with, in Peru.

Reading : The Food Lab

Tune on repeat :  Valtari, Sigor Ros


Style notes


I like trenches once they are broken in. The new ones look preppy and detective like in the 80s’ hollywood sort of way. I need a year with mine to make it perfect.

New garments can be awkward. I need to learn how to wear this trench. All black is the safe choice. But its a start with the new garment. I have the spring season to experiment a little.

Details I like : gabardine cotton, lack of synthetic content, the hue of green, Bono, U2, the rugged look, the characteristics that make it casual than preppy, military details, …

Picked out a size that I can wear on top of my winter coat. Hence the oversized look.

Most popular outfit on the internet : striped top + black denim + trench + flats.

I am wearing the second most popular outfit with a trench : black turtle neck+black pants+ballet flats.

My style is going in circles and converging into it self. I am becoming the kind of woman who goes into a shop and asks “show me something that looks just like what I am currently wearing”. I wouldn’t call it a rut since I am very happy about it.

The people in my town don’t wear trench coats. They wear fleece hoodies. I always get mocked at, with references to old hollywood when I wear it. Last year, I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to invest in one. So tried it out with a short trench.

What did I do before I got it ? I cant stop wearing it. I wear it when I know I will get dirt on me – which living where I live with animals is everyday. This year, I took the plunge and got a proper coat.

Its not polyester. That really matters. The only polyester I own is in the form of exercise clothing. Every time I wash my yoga pants, I contribute to the micro-plastic pollution of our oceans. Its great that there exists waterproof clothing that is meant for movement and outdoors made from 100% natural fibers.

Question : If I were to request you to be my stylist for a day and you had access to what ever you need in the world, how will you modify my outfit ? I am very curious to see how our styles differ and overlap. What will you add or subtract ?