While I never had problematic skin, I am aware of how it will look if I do nothing. I could eat well and exercise, but all the sun I got in the last decade living in a desert caught up with me. Cinco (cat) and Hombre (dog) have been giving me facials on an everyday basis. But in reality, I prefer the man-made products in nice dark glass bottles. Especially the ones made by the scientists who are experts in their line of work. Truth be told, there are so many products that work. But I cant try them all or slap them on my skin in layers. I will always go with the proven science :

Vitamin C & E: 

I have tried so many products. Skinceuticals C E Freulic is the one. It stays in the body for 72 hours. Its expensive. Hence I use it once every 3 days.

Vitamin A :

I have a tube of retin-A that my dad prescribed. I use it once a week on a night when I know I wont be out in the sun the next day.


Cleanser aka Indian apothecary finds

Graham flour + dried neem + dehydrated amla + sandalwood powder + fullers earth.

Store in a bottle. Mix with water and scrub.

Since I do this everyday, I don’t think I need an exfoliator.

If I wear makeup, I take it off using coconut oil and double cleanse with my DIY powder.


Dress to Impress :

I treat SK-II like liquid gold. I stock up on it during thanksgiving sales. And try to stretch it for as long as possible. I use it few times a week. My skin looks its best when I use it everyday. Nothing else compares. I can give up everything else if I had to choose.


Masks :

This is one place where my kitchen triumphs : ( turmeric + honey ) does wonders for me.


Secret Stash :

SK-II masks. I can not justify all this packaging for a single use product. I save them for when I attend weddings and events. They are a facial in a plastic packet.


I would have said sunscreen is the only essential for healthy skin. And its mostly true. But then, 30’s happened. All my bad habits cumulatively show. If science says “it works”, I wont contradict it and live in the past. I cant seem to go zero waste with my skin care routine. Most of my products come in glass packaging, which makes me feel better about it. This is one area I wont compromise. I will use the products developed by the experts. My kitchen is no match. This makes me a lazy environmentalist  – the kind who will only forego the things that are convenient. But I have found a good balance with 80% natural products and 20% not so edible chemicals that out perform their claims. The 80-20 rule. I can live with that for now.

Questions :

Do you have a skin care ‘closet’ ? Do you equip yourself to treat any problems that may come your way or is your skin care more regimen based ? Do you do the same thing every day or take a look at your skin everyday to determine what it needs ? Do you enjoy taking care of your skin ? Or do you think your time is too precious for such vain pursuits ?