2 am email to Maanasa : “I am buying them ! even if they empty my checking account. I dont care. I am buying them”.

8am : What ! I sent that email huh ? Real life and the morning tea thankfully kicked in. I don’t want them.


1. Black structured bag

Has to be vintage.

I am tired of my brown satchel. Its time to store it away for a year and use something else.

Slouchy bags are not that appealing to me anymore. I was always that girl who wore a distressed brown satchel. (My first blog was called theGirlwithABrownSatchel.) But think its time to look into a structured bag.

The shape of the Hermes Kelly is correct.

Coach and Salvatore Ferragamo used to make a similar model in the 60s. Looking to find one.


2. Band/military jacket in Navy.

It has to be vintage with gold buttons, epaulets and double breast closure. Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and lots of French designers do this style well. But I want an original old piece that I can add/subtract details from. Epaulets are non negotiable.




3. Army green Trench Coat

I am so glad that they are a trend this season. So many pairing ideas on the runway and the blogs. Many many kinds of them in every store. But I got my eyes on one from 2011 and am going to get it.

When classic pieces become the trend, the designers make their own interpretations which lead to ‘classics with a twist‘. Those are the pieces that I look for.


4. Block heels

Or some wearable everyday heels. I tried on a pair of Rachel Comey pumps and it did wonders to my proportions. Ballet pumps with jeans made my legs look “right”. Vintage cap toed ones would be ideal. Ferragamo second hand without the bow would be idea but they have to put that stupid bow on everything they make  …. want to expand my shoe collection … bring it into the feminine territory. Not sure if I want them because they are trending and I am a fashion victim ….

Her style. Her closet. Those boots ! The Annie Hall and Ralph Lauren muse. I want my closet to evolve into something as personal and unique. 

5. A few vintage finds

I dont take a chance with my basics and what I wear everyday. That needs to be as simple and easy to throw on as possible. I made a list of essentials and checked it off over the years. I bought quality exercise clothing first. Then the blue dresses and the accessories. Then the denim and the knitwear. Its all done.

Now is the time to add some frivolity it it. Those borderline pieces to shake things up a little.  If I found an out of character poncho or a floral wool sweater, I want to try it. I want to find vintage silk red fabric and use it as the lining for a dress or a coat. … Perhaps some brass buttons to replace the plastic ones out of my navy blue silk shirt. If it doesnt work out, I can edit it out. Play around a little …

That 5% !

6. Black denim

I lost mine. I packed them in India and they did not arrive home with me in America. I currently have charcoal gray and ash color jeans. I might dye one of those black. Or have to buy another pair. Lin wrote this post for me ! I am considering Nudie, Acne and Ralph Lauren. They need to be uniformly jet black, not be mom jeans, have a skinny leg and not have paint splatters / rips / frayed edges. Dying an existing pair is what I have in mind. Will cost me < 5$ as opposed to (all the time spent trying+lot of money).

This seems to be common among my reading material on simplicity:

Case 1 :

Declutter, downsize, become minimalist. And live happily ever after.

Some quit day jobs because they have become independant of monetary needs. Some travel the world. Some stay at their jobs and are happy. Period.

Case 2:

Declutter. Do a capsule wardrobe with french basics. Do the french 5 challenge. Write about minimalism and simplicity. Shun fast fashion. Grow a popular blog. Give up capsule wardrobe and French 5. Shop as they please. Become a regular outfit of the day blogger. Market goods through the blog. Show dypthique candles, white walls, do spring clean outs and hauls. Give advice to folks trying to simplify their closet.

It has always been a fear that I will fall into case 2. Because I have’nt fallen into case 1.

I want to be case 3 :

The one who understands moderation.

I still consider my closet – built. I have all of the required essentials required to get me through every situation I may face. This year, I am going with : Buy what you love. Add those borderline special pieces that not too safe. Want to give myself permission to be surprised a little. Keep it under 10 items. I came up with this number because this falls into my idea of moderation. Its moderation in the lines of – eat a piece of dark chocolate everyday or have a glass of wine every week or buy yourself that candle you want or go make the time to watch the sunset.