I set up the camera and the photo bombers miraculously appear. 

Cashmere Sweater : Iris & Ink.  This was my first (cashmere) sweater. Took the safe route : trusted Net-a-Porter’s own label but its quality is very disappointing.

Jeans: R13. 98% cotton, 2 % stretch ( my fav composition for jeans ).

Boots : n.d.c made by hand ( Best quality shoes I own. I would rank them above Church’s and Saint Laurent. Sadly I cant find them anywhere. Apparently, they made 10 pairs in all, 3 of which I bought and then went out of business. )

#whoMadeMyClothes : Iris and Ink didn’t want to share beyond ‘its Made in China. Sorry we couldn’t assist you any further’. R13 sources Japanese denim from a century old mill and the jeans are made in a factory in Italy. NDC used to hand-make their shoes in Italy when I had purchased them.

Wearing Red : #aDayWithOutAWoman

Currently Reading : A Handmaidens Tale

Tune on repeat : Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi

Random Style Notes

Sweaters, Red, Cashmere

My Indian heritage imparted a certain amount of fearlessness when it comes to color. But its fine tuned by the pared down aesthetic that I developed on my own. One brightly colored item is enough. One bright color per outfit is enough. #myPersonalStyle

I need red clothing in my closet. Especially in winter, it cheers me up. I refuse to buy a gray winter coat. I know it goes with everything and is the safest option. But I need the color therapy in winter. I never thought I would own more than one sweater. So I bought a red one first. Over the years, gray and navy followed.

Buying a sweater is a big deal. Its an investment. It comes from materials sheared off an animal. You wear it for a decade. I need to get it right. If you made a mistake, you are stuck with it for ages. Its definitely not a casual affair for me.

I still do not know how to identify quality based on appearance of the woolen fibers. Should they be long or short fibers? Should it be rough at the start ? How long should it take to soften ? I read that even the best quality wool pills during the first few years and stops later. The bad quality wool pills every year. Is that true ?

My husband never read a fashion blog in his life. He has never seen an outfit of the day post before I posted my first. He is flabbergasted that I can do something as vain as this. He cant seem to get over it. There goes my dream of making him an instagram husband.

When you dress in the morning, do you ask yourself :

  1. “is my outfit interesting enough?”.
  2. “is there a feminine touch to my garçon style ?”
  3. “let me add that one accessory that completes my outfit”
  4.  “let me add that special element to my everyday dressing”.
  5.  Let me wear what ever and go.
  6.  Will my instagram followers approve of it ?
  7. Is it blog worthy ?
  8. Is it simple enough ? Is it fuss free ?
  9. Is it chic ?
  10. Is it statement enough ? I need to provide visual interest to the lookers.
  11. Do I need to cheer myself up ?
  12. Am I hiding from the world and need a shell ?
  13. Who am I meeting ?
  14.  ???  … suggestions welcome

I am #4, #5, #11 and #13. What about you?