Designer : Sabyasachi, Udaipur Collection ( his home on Architecture Digest )

Photographer : Tarun Khiwal

Notes : Can you admire something that is not your style ? I struggle with the idea of embroidery, color, print, volume, jewellry, drape, … when they are all piled on together. It can easily slip into the “too much, too gaudy” territory. His pieces are over the top but are very elegantly so. The embroidery is impeccable and the construction is perfect. He chooses the fabrics well, creates beautiful prints and pairs them with a harmony that I seldom experience. They are absolutely fit for a vintage Indian princess and are pieces of art.

For Valentines day, I got clay – in a form that I appreciate.

Thank you Em Alt and Vogue Paris for this cover featuring a women of transgender. Thank you Joanna Goddard for this beautifully written article. I have nieces and nephews. What if they have to go through such a struggle and the world makes it hell for them ? Its a scary thought.

My monthly contribution to my zero waste resolve : coconut fibre scrubs, Castile bar soap. Compostable, plastic free, natural. Kitchen cleaning is the easiest place to start.

More noise :

This red is poetic.

J.W Anderson and his origami.

Put-this-on talks about how a suit should fit. Its given me some pointers on ratios and proportions in an educational manner.

Gucci Autumn/Winter 17 discussion by ShowStudio. The kind of post-runway show commentary I want to hear. The rest is noise.

When NatGeo does a sponsored post for Amazon, its pretty epic – Around the world in 12 books.

Slavery in the current century ? I hope this article is not true but …


What have you been reading ?