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This one book will do : Soppy, a love story.

“time stands still best in moments that suspiciously look like ordinary life”

Flipping through this book made us smile the entire time. Its a celebration of a life built together. God of small things. All the moments that go by that I would have written off as normal. But seeing it all in print made me realize – we are the people in that book. And we have experienced these moments. Even on the days when we don’t realize it, we are collecting the memories. ” Do you need a book and a day to realize it? “, you can ask. In the everyday hustle, its easy to forget. In chasing the big moments, its easy to forget the simpler ones. Date nights in restaurants filled with trained chefs are awesome. But so is eating a ripe watermelon crouched over the sink. Getting a bouquet of red roses is nice. But so is getting a tiny wild flower on a random Wednesday because he spotted it on the way home and thought of me when he saw it ….. the little things matter.


Other gift ideas : a potted plant, seeds and an empty pot filled with mud, a couples tango lesson, cooking class, yoga class, rock climbing lesson, an adventure race, a road trip, a hike, woolen socks, a sketch session where you make your partner sit and you sketch her ( and record her reaction when she sees your final product. do this every year and save the sketches ), going together to pick out a nice bottle of wine, disco date on the couch with mandatory DIY costumes and flashing colorful lights, sleeping in a little longer, ordering breakfast in bed, make a reading date with your old fav books, organize a treasure hunt, go for the longest walk ( break your previous record ), go surprise visit your parents, volunteer at a local food bank together, buy the book I recommended-tear out the pages & mail one page each to all the couples you know, ….

Please suggest some more ideas :