I vowed to never do this sort of post. Never to show products that I haven’t tested out. If anyone else buys them after I featured them on the blog + if its of shoddy quality for the money … I would feel responsible. I stand by my quality assessment and take it very seriously.  But I am a list maker and wanted to share. Since coming back from India, I am in a weird state of mind. I missed my clothes terribly. I missed the fashion that I usually surround myself with. Been admiring the exquisite simplicity of APC, Row, Lemaire, Jil Sanders … Perhaps its the antidote to what I wore in India … I was meeting my family after long and everyone wanted to to buy me something as a token of affection. Perhaps its a reaction to going to all these beautiful stores/handloom villages and resisting hard … Or perhaps its from writing blog posts about clothing every week. My shopping cart is full and looks like this :


My selection from A.P.C.  

Blue Dress ( Trigger word : indigo dyed, linen )

Turtle Neck dress ( Triggers : wool felt, winter )

Black pumps ( Am getting over it as I type this post )

Everlane Loafers : I want to review them. See if Everlane is worth the hype.


The only thing that is stopping me is this blog. Its grounded me and made me accountable to myself. I get emails saying I have inspired people to shop less. I also get emails that I shop too much and am not simple enough when compared to the minimalist Joneses. I ignore the latter for the most part and am old enough to hold out on my own. Weighing everything in, I am sleeping on them and waiting for it to pass. If not, the shoes look good.


Questions :

Do you have the occasional late night/weekend whirlwind browsing sessions ? 

Do you add items to the cart and stare at them till you loose interest ?

Is your current wish list empty ? If not, please share ?