Art of art’s sake. Art for a purpose.

These two categories sum up how I perceive various creatives. Being an artist is way more than ability to sketch. Creating something original takes imagination, intelligence and a vision. And making art for a cause – takes a strong heart. These illustrators have been my cheerleaders for the last 10 days. Here is my tribute and thanks. My Valentines day card.


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5. Carrie L


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When the music changes, so does the dance. A shout out to lifestyle bloggers Reading my Tea Leaves, Man Repeller, Ecocult, Fashion Law, A cup of JoGarance Dore, … who are speaking up. They could have kept with their usual schedules like nothing is happening. But they are using their platforms to stir the pot. I didn’t participate in the women’s march. I am back in America and here is my protest in solidarity.

Questions :

“We still have to protesting this shit” ?

Am I time traveling backwards ?

… why ?

Do you think internet activism works ? Or do you think we are better off yelling on the streets ?

Will protest be the new brunch ?