“How did the world let this happen? “

This was the question I asked myself after I learnt about what happened in Auschwitz. I later got to know that the world didn’t know. We were trying to stop Hilter’s invasion but discovered the concentration camps during liberation. Today, we know about Syria. We get live tweets. We hear survivor stories. Reporters are risking their lives to get us the news. Doctors are working from bunkers. Refugees are a political issue, not human beings …. I dont know whats the right thing to do. But not doing something almost feels immoral. In my lifetime, there have been a few terrible wars that I was aware of. Sudan. Rwanda. Iraq. Gulf. India-Pakistan. But Syria invokes the same stomach churn and heartbreak that I experienced when I visited the concentration camps in Germany. What can I do ?




I can use this blog and my 0.2 seconds of fame to ask my readers to consider helping out.

Declutter == letting go of some inessential luxuries to make space for the needed.

It needn’t be a big sum.

Perhaps skip one date night and send the money to Doctors without Borders.

Fore-go one Xmas present and send that money to ‘The white helmets hero fund‘.

Don’t buy new clothes for the next event and give that money to International Rescue Workers.

Skip buying one coffee and donate that money to Hand in Hand.

Sell something from your closet and donate the proceeds to Red Cross.

Rethink the extravagant holiday/birthday/wedding party and donate to Save the Children.




And me ? I am supposed to be buying new sarees for the two weddings I am attending. I didn’t and donated that money. I sold some of my gold jewellry and donated its value to Doctors without Borders. A friend of mine is a doctor works with the organization and I trust her judgement when she says they are doing some great work. Over the years, she has sacrificed so much of her personal life to go to remote places to help out. She was supposed to get married this year. She postponed it and donated the wedding money. I couldn’t be more proud of her. Least I can do is donate something. I want a simpler life and don’t really need this much. My great-grand-mother did the same during India’s struggle for Independence – donated her gold. She was my idol and I should follow her precedence.


Every contribution helps. If 1$ came in from even 10% of you, it really counts. 

This is my last post for the year. Thank you for reading. I wish you happy holidays and a renewed New Year.