Maanasa (aka best friend) always complains that I get caught up in the decluttering aspect of minimalism. And ignore the rest – buying less, using up what you already own, being wise about backups, …. She was right. Last year, I was obsessed with downsizing. This year, my agenda was to educate myself about the supply chain of “stuff” and to tame my shopping habits. This entire blog would be self defeating if I kept downsizing and buying on repeat. This is my end of the year round up. I excluded things like tights, socks, and such. These posts are highly embarrassing for me to write. I dont belong to the generation of haulers who hold up an item and say “look, here is what I bought”. But if I were to continue to talk about slow fashion, I have to come out and be accountable for how much I consume. Its a work in progress for me too. Here we go :




1. Black wool coat, Celine, ( secondhand ).

2. Black pinstripe dress, Stella McCartney, ( secondhand ).

3. Clutch, Cuyana, ( new ).

4. Black loafers, Saint Laurent, ( secondhand ).

5. Red dress, Burberry, ( secondhand ) .




6. Gray t-shirt, Stevan Alan, ( new ).

7. Khaki pants, Nili Lotan ( second hand ).

8. Blue cashmere sweater, Everlane ( new ).




 9. Blue dress, Celine, ( secondhand ).




10. Blue wool dress, Goat ( new ).

11. Trench, Everlane, ( secondhand ).


1. I did so much better than last year. Or any other year since I got my first pay cheque. This isn’t my ideal version of ‘consume less’. Its a work in progress.

2.  I have a blue dress obsession.

3. I didn’t have too much outgoing this year. I decluttered a little at the beginning of the year, sold a few good clothes that I no longer fit into and wore out some clothes. In the end, the size of my closet shrank.

4. By April, I was picking up lots of things from my wish list. It was alarming. It partly inspired my shopping fast. It lasted 3 months.

5. Most of my purchases this year were second hand. They are of a higher quality than the in-store new items I got.

6. Nothing wears out on me anymore. I have enough items to rotate through. I have to be really really careful with what I pick, since I will be wearing them for a long long time.

7. I am keen on using up everything I own and not selling away things when I grow tired of them. They leave if 1) I don’t fit into it 2) they are damaged 3) they are worn out. Its stupid that I have to even write this down.

8. I love fashion and style. Way more than an average woman who likes clothing. It makes me happy. It makes me dream. It makes me twirl. It makes me pose. It makes dressing up everyday an absolute pleasure.

9. I want to write a blog on personal style. And am no longer ashamed of it. Learning to be well dressed, making good purchasing decisions, working with what you have – is an art. Adding constraints ( buy less, shop second hand, dont support sweatshops, etc. ) dont necessarily subtract, but add to the pleasure.

10. I didn’t want to write about shopping and purchases all year long. I have a irrational fear of instigating my readers to shop (by providing you clickable links to browse). Hence the end of year post instead of seasonal ones. I would make a terrible internet influencer.


Harsha & me are taking some time off and going to India. We are going home. The year ends for me here. If its my place to give a suggestion : anyone interested in a well-curated closet can benefit from doing yearly/seasonal purchase round ups. Its one thing to buy under the rug and its another to buy when you are (publicly) accountable. It keeps track of the larger picture. The visual boards definitely help. I am iffy about counting things and being that obsessive tracker, but the numbers help. “Buy less” is a much weaker resolution to have when compared to “I will follow the French Five Challenge”. All this being said, I still shop outside my true necessities. That’s the hold fashion has on me and I am happy to let it.

How did your year go ? If you did a yearly round up, let me know. I would like to link all of our posts together. More the merrier right ?  

I usually ask the questions. Anything you want to ask me ? Or would like to share ?