Since its the sale season, I am doing my bit in reflecting on my most worn items this year. It helps in my making better decisions. December is the month of temptations. Net-a-porter has a sale. I can not read any blog without it telling me what you buy for myself or for MY loved ones.  A shopping anthem possesses the internet. So let me not do that and talk about how I block out the noise.


Crinkled items spewed on the floor :

Short Trench by Everlane ( second-hand, age : 7 months )

Blue dress by Madewell ( 3 yrs )

Brown Satchel by Campomaggi ( 7 yrs )

Brown Belt by Ralph Lauren ( second-hand, 3 yrs )

Workout Clothes by Lululemon ( 5 yrs )

Navy Silk Shirt by Everlane ( 2 yrs )

Black Loafers by Saint Laurent ( second-hand,  1 yr )

Black Flats by Jil Sanders ( 2 yrs )

Black Denim by R13 ( 1 yr )

Navy Cashmere Sweater by Everlane ( 8 months )


Most Used Ten

Not everything I buy will become my most used but they should atleast contend for the spot right? Before any potential purchase, I ask the following questions :

  1. Is it ethically made ?
  2. Is it likely to join this list of most used items  (at some point in time ) ?
  3. Do I see myself wearing it 100 times ( I believe in wearing it down ).
  4. Do I see myself wearing it 3 years down the lane ( They need to be durable for me and I will be loyal to them ).
  5. Is it something that caught my eye today or have I been waiting for this to become more affordable ?




My sale shopping haul

I usually buy things that needs replenishing every year during the thanksgiving sales. Its usually my years supply of skincare, innerwear and a pair of black ballet flats. I didnt stray. Not even a little bit. Here is what helped :


Commit to what works : Personal Style above all

Shopping drains my energy. I have a signature style. Whenever I try to deviate from it, its a mistake. I end up wasting the item. Conclusion : Stick to what works. Getting dressed is not an end in itself, but a means to get on with the day.


A closet has to be built.

I don’t really need to shop at all. But I do so because I am used to the excitement of adding a few new things a year to the mix. A few ‘fall-in-love’ finds per year is a good plan. As long as its ‘a few’. I have reached the end of my buying and closet building saga. I hereby declare my closet built !


Understand the word ‘chic’

Its not a list of items that Jane Birkin wore or wearing only shades of gray. Its not what you buy, but how you buy. It’s a concept of “casual done well”. And simple high quality items purchased to be worn everyday. My purchasing habits changed once I understood this idea. Sale shopping should be an opportunity to pick up high quality everyday items which were previously a little too expensive. It should not be a reason to buy random pretty things because they became more affordable in the last two days.


Craftsmanship matters

A purchase is only the start of the relationship with an item. You gotta love it. Take care of it. Wear it. And not get prematurely bored of it. In my experience, it helps if you know that the item was made by someone who knows the craft. You respect the process and the item more. There is pleasure in good design. The time, the skill and the labour that went into it … matters. All my purchases haven’t been cheap. They hurt, just a little. I know that in time, they will make it up to me.


The idea of buying for keeps is still something I am working on. I make mistakes, let go of items before they are thread bare, seem to get bored of things that are durable and publicly complain on this blog if they are not durable.  I am hoping this year is the tipping point. I hate wasting the energy that goes into decluttering. While I can’t guarantee that something I purchased this year will age with me forever, I certainly do hope so. No more of the buy and cull cycle for me.  


Any strategies that you use to resist sales ? Or any strategies you use to shop the sales ? 

Also, are MVPs what they technically call ‘closet staples’ ? Are you doing your yearly roundups ?