Story of this Life

I am most thankful for this guy and my parents. And for all the little fleeting moments. A reunion with our grad school mates and a long road trip is in the books for us this weekend. Perhaps some gluttony and puppy time – for the cherry on top. And a little detox from the internet.


National Shopping Cup, I forfeit 

Its become normal to bump into acquaintances and have them casually ask ‘Any good deals ?’ Shopping becomes a sport this week and we watch America’s total spending like its election polling data. I would love to make buy-this-buy-that guides. Who doesn’t like giving free advice on the internet ? But I choose to not participate this year. I am opting out of the sale shopping madness. 2016 has been my turning point with least amount of store browsing and consumption. I have found peace. I don’t want to muddle the calm waters.



Dear Readers

I have gotten to know a little about you and you probably have gotten to know a lot more about me. Thank you for reading, agreeing, disagreeing, conversing and commenting on this space. Without the interaction, this blog would be a one-women-ramble about some rather unimportant things. I go ahead and say some things I have no business saying on the internet because I think of myself as a pot stirrer. The intention has been to start a good conversation. And every comment contributes. It also prevents the blog from slipping into the narcism zone where I show what I wear or own. “I approve of vanity, but not narcism”, said Diana Vreeland. Me too Mrs Vreeland, me too !


Happy Thanksgiving ! Cheers.