On 11/9 :

I knew this was coming. Harsha was confident when the ballots closed yesterday. On the other hand, I couldn’t breathe. Trust the polls he said. I couldn’t. My sixth sense told me otherwise and its always right. I need something uplifting today. The long silences around me are numbing. I usually find solace in Lord of the Rings but none can be found today. I would have made a Jedi-had-to-go-into-hybernation sort of analogy from StarWars or loose-the-battle-win-the-war analogy from Game of Thrones but its not working. The ‘IT’ candidate has won. What does it mean for the country that opened its doors and let me in ? We will know soon enough. What does it mean for the the people who are facing the aftermath of climate change ? NatGeo has a prediction. And it breaks my heart. There is no point in my pondering over ‘why’ on repeat. Perhaps we already know why. Its time to get back to work and move forward.


Something Uplifting

Let me take the time to cheer for a book I have been reading. Its newly published. It would make a great gift for anyone in your life who is a woman and/or aspires to run her own business/life. It contains interviews compiled by Grace Bonney, the founder of Design Sponge who is a creative mogul in her own right. She has collected some wise words from 100 women who have deserving tales to share from chasing their dreams. I picked a few favorite quotes to share. Making this post cheered me up. Hope it does the same to you.

– To Universe, with Love.


Source : In the Company of Women