This 900$ bag. I dont get it. 


I am really disappointed by the YSL blogger bag that seems to be trending right now. Gucci Soho Disco bag is lower down this ladder. What the heck !  Are they being distributed to all the bloggers with over 100k Instagram followers ?  Are they made for street style photographs ? Its quite ugly and impractical. Is it a brain child of a PR team ? I dont understand the need to put a logo that is  1/4th the size of the bag. Why are people paying the brand to advertise for the brand ? It looks like counterfeit but its not. I don’t get it. So I started investigating. Asked around. Found a few articles online. Etc.

Perspective 1

” Yet in a couple of ways, Birkins do not look like classic Veblen goods. First, they’re not all that conspicuous. Almost everyone can identify the provenance of Gucci’s double-G spangled Dionysus shoulder bag; only initiates can spot a Birkin. So Veblen’s theory needs to be adapted to explain the power of inconspicuous but expensive goods. The authors of “Signalling status with luxury goods: the role of brand prominence”, which appeared in theJournal of Marketing in 2010, do so by dividing the rich into two groups: “parvenus”, who want to associate themselves with other rich people and distinguish themselves from have-nots, and “patricians”, who want to signal to each other but not to the masses. They theorise that more expensive luxury goods, aimed at patricians, will have less obvious branding than cheaper ones. Sure enough, they found that Gucci and Louis Vuitton charge more for quieter handbags and Mercedes slaps bigger emblems on its cheaper cars. People who cannot afford luxury but want to look as if they can (“poseurs”) go for big logos: counterfeiters usually copy louder goods. ”

– Brooke Unger

Perspective 2 :

“So ? What are you complaining about ? Its a gorgeous logo in beautiful hardware.”

“The LV print is quite pretty.”

“The red sole makes me feel sexy. The heels hurt, but they give me confidence. ”

Perspective 3 :

“I just love Chanel. I love the brand.”

Perspective 4 :

“Thats how they make clothes these days. Its hard to find stuff without the logo.”

Perspective 5 :

“Logos dont bother me. Every brand does it. If the shirt fits and is cheap, I buy it.”

Perspective 6 :

“I am advertising for my friend’s brand. His yoga studio. He gave me this t-shirt for free. ”

Perspective 7 :

” Who cares. Wear something and get on with life. Stop judging people based on what they wear. It doesn’t matter. ”

Perspective 8 :

” I love A.P.C. I carry their tote bag. ”

Perspective 9 :

” Its new money. They feel the need to show that they made it. Old money doesn’t have that sort of pressure. Blame the society for putting this sort of …. ”

Perspective 10 :

“Some might describe them as iconic. Others might see it as proof that all the guff about Louis Vuitton has less to do with the logo’s oft-cited ‘timeless appeal’ and rather more to do with the seemingly timeless desire to flaunt designer names.

I’m all for people getting credit where credit’s due and one could say that a designer logo works in the same way as credits at the end of the film, letting admirers or otherwise onlookers know who’s responsible for the creative endeavor in question. Yet film credits tend to come quietly at the end of the movie; they aren’t splattered across the film itself. ”

– Hadley Freeman.

Perspective 11 :

” I can afford it. It gives me pleasure. Period.”

Perspective 12 :

” I want a tote in this (holding a 400$ MK bag ) quality. I dont know where else to find it. And I dont want to spend the time looking for another. This one can fit my laptop and works for me.”


All very good explanations. My thoughts match with Perspective  10. Perspective 4 seems to be popular among my friends. On perspective 8, I advertised for Dan Eldon in my youth, by wearing his t-shirt. I also like explanation 7. Not everyone spends time thinking about these things. Worrying about what to wear and going hunting for personal style is a privilege of the leisure class. Lot of people dont have this luxury. I am looking for more perspectives to add to this list.

My Notes :

When I talk about giving up fast fashion, it sometimes feels like me preaching to folk who cant afford anything but fast fashion, which is a big percentage of the people who shop there.  Not everyone has the luxury to throw away clothes by the season but cant help it because they just cant afford the higher quality. And its an awful feeling that gives me a pit in my stomach when I write those posts attacking the cheap goods. Its often the case of sweatshop workers from impoverished nations who need the job making goods for folk who can barely make their ends meet. On those lines, I dont like luxury goods that are in your face rubbing their wealth on the ones who cant afford it. I would never want to do that to someone intentionally. This blog sometimes feels like me showing what I have, to the world. My head is a conflict zone.

I think Louis Vuitton is to blame, for starting this madness of showing off a logo.

If a vegetable vendor were to sell an onion at 150% markup over other onions of similar constitution, we wouldnt buy it. But we do when it comes to handbags, because of the label. We have been brainwashed. Buy cheap clothes and expensive bags.

I find Burberry check lining tacky. Their plaid scarves are  (tacky++)^2. #chavChic

The bags with Coach logos are insanely popular in India. So is Michael Kors. ( I hence own stock from both companies. ) I even bought one bag as a present upon a request from my very young impressionable cousin. She said she needed it and a couple of American Eagle logo t-shirts to survive the ‘high school drama’.

Human Billboard. Fashion Victim. Conspicuous Consumption.

I think the Chanel broach pin is the worst. Its only purpose for creation and existence : show the logo.

My husband and I were shopping at a Ralph Lauren’s Polo store. The expensive polo shirts had a tiny polo player as the logo. The less expensive ones had 2 medium sized polo players on the logo. The cheaper ones had 3 big polo players that were the size of a breast pocket. He says “if they get any cheaper, the entire polo team would make it on to the shirt. Or they can show two teams playing each other on the back, to make it more obvious.”. He is funny, right ? The brands seem to take advantage of the consumers vulnerability.

What do I do if I really love the design and functionality of an item but it has logos printed all over it ? I walk away. It comes at the expense of time that goes into finding a similar item that is less conspicuous. I wear a lot of basics and its easy for me to find what I want without searching for hours.

Five years ago, I assumed that the logos would become less popular as time went. But the opposite seems to be happening. Mark Zuckerburg wears a gray tshirt. People are spending more on experiences instead of things. Minimalism is trending as a concept and aesthetic. Tech start up millionaires are living out of RVs/ boats across the world instead of Mc.Mansions. XKCD creator bikes to work after writing 3 best sellers just like he did, prior to his success. Einstein says “Dont be ashamed of shabby clothes. Be ashamed of shabby ideas.”  In my book, we can totally do without the conspicuous consumption.

@AnyoneReading : This is not meant to attack anyone who likes to wear their brand logos. I am only one woman writing a SEO unfriendly blog and its my perspective. I have plenty of friends who wear their logos and I love them anyways. I havent met a single person who agrees with everything I believe in. Not even my husband or best friend. This is not a personal attack. These are more – my personal biases and prejudices. But I am trying to make a point that we dont need logos to make us feel good about something we wear. And they are definitely not a substitute to understanding quality. This post is more of an investigation into a phenomenon I dont understand and think should be extinct by 21st century. Andy Warhol was onto something when he said, “Think rich, look poor.”

Is there a perspective you identify with, from my list ? Thoughts ?