New In : Second-hand Wooden Hangers from eBay


A wardrobe upgrade I have been meaning to make for a long time finally happened. I have my heavy jackets out from storage and can’t help but notice what the thin hangers do to the shoulders. I made the mistake of buying those thin velvet ones that the fashion bloggers recommend. They look instagrammable and save space if you own more than the size of your closet. But I don’t think they are good for the clothes. They distribute the weight poorly contributing to stress on the seams. They are not helpful with preserving the shape of the garment over time. Its money wasted and an embarrassing fashion-blogger-victim scenario on my part.

Wooden hangers seem to cost about 230$ a piece depending on the quality, finish and prestige. Cheddar suit hanger can cost up to 70$. Looking at the prices made me wish I had a smaller closet. I fold+stack my knitwear. Shirts, jackets, dresses and denim hang. I got mine on eBay from this seller. He sent me a mix of ones with slip guards and in various sizes. The thinner ones hold my shirts and dresses. The wider ones hold jackets. The larger ones went into my husbands closet. It somehow worked out.


Moral of the story :

Do not buy the velvet ones unless you don’t need your clothes to last.

Read personal style blogs. Not the fashion blogs. 

Shop less, buy better, make them last.


P.S : Buy less” seems to be a very polarizing idea. My friend Maanasa has about 25 items in her closet. She buys 3-4 pieces a year. I buy about 10-12 items a year which is half her closet size. I wonder if she thinks I shop less. And someone with a 30 item closet buying 10 new items Vs 100 item closet buying 10 more is miles away … I look at youtube haul videos and think they buy as much per season, as I do in a year. My mother buys at the most 2 items a year. And she thinks she is spoilt. A friend of mine says she ‘hates shopping’ and ‘do not buy much’, but buys about 20 items per year from Alibaba for 5$ each. A relative of mine doesn’t shop much at all but looks really sloppy in gym clothes all the time. I know a blogger who buys 50 second hand items a year. I know another blogger who gets 50 sustainably made items a year to use in outfit of the day posts. I know a minimalist blogger who owns a 39 item closet from H&M and replaces half of them every year because they don’t last. What exactly is ‘shop less’ ? Thoughts ?