Trench by Everlane 


What did I wear before I got my trench ? I can’t seem to take it off my back.

It goes with everything ! It feels like a turtle shell. I feel cozy inside it.

Perhaps I should take the 10-must-have-items-for-every-woman articles more seriously. Its in all of them.

Damn you French women ! Damn you for knowing it all and doing it so well. ( it == style ) And thank you for influencing me to try one.

@Everlane, thank you for existing. You make it easier. You save me time because I don’t have to do research on ethics of production before every purchase. But your finishing needs to improve. I always have loose threads on the seams and buttonholes in every garment I own from you.

@Everlane, you have a longer trench in every color but the one I want. Why ? I got the shorter one which is more like a long jacket.

A quick note after 4 months of wear : I really like Everlane’s trenches. They are boxy in fit and very well made for the price. Look on eBay first, to support the recycle economy and to save money. I paid 79$ for mine found new with tags. I am not familiar with trench coats to compare the materials and weight. Perhaps I am not qualified to review it as yet. I do like mine.

But do consider the mid knee length. They are more functional and an easier length to get the proportions right.

I bought a size that can layer on top of a jacket. Its a rain coat after all. I weigh 112lb, am 5.5 and got an Xs.

This is unlined in the body and 100% cotton. Its a more of a summer trench. I have been wearing it with a sweater underneath for early Fall weather.

Californians do hoodies, not trenchs. I wasn’t sure I could pull one off, without looking like a tourist. But this one is cut to not look preppy or Burberry-ish. Its easy to fit into the crowd.

Like always, I think my trench looks better when it doesn’t look new and shiny. It has a off-duty military man sort of appeal that is my style. Utilitarian garments in military fabrics are my favourite kind of clothes.

One color I wear that doesn’t go with khaki green is red. It makes me too colorful.

Margaret Howell is known to make a version of heavy duty waxed cotton mackintosh. She has been making the same one for the last 20 years, while tweaking the design every year. She observes how they age, tries to find the flaws, adds necessary details and improves her work. Thats a designer I admire.

This is my first. But I know it won’t be my last. I wasn’t sure if I will wear one considering everyone around me is in a hoodie all the time. This was my tester and I wanted to spend as little as possible while sticking to ethically made product. I want a mid knee length one that can be belted next year after I prove to myself that I am a trench person.



@Any one out there who owns one / has been wearing a trench for a long time / is French : How long do these things last ? A few years ? It looks like thick cotton but is thinner than canvas. Its structured for now but will it keep its shape over time ? I want to wash it by hand at home and avoid the dry cleaners. And apply bees wax on it for waterproofing. Bad idea ? Suggestions/stories appreciated.