I would like to invite you for a tea. I believe we would have a lot to talk about. I have been told that French women wear simple clothes and always have that one little thing they do with their outfit that sets them apart. You do it well. You have a very ‘personal’ personal style, look like no one else I know and seem to have fun with your clothes. I don’t believe that what you wear is independent of what goes on in your head. Allow me reproduce some philosophy first, summarize clothes later and copy outfits never. 


On Mother’s influence :

“I used to make fun of my mum for wearing this my entire childhood,” says Poésy, wearing black jeans, a large maroon mens oversized jumper, purple scarf and a black oversized coat.

On Stylists :

She never uses a stylist. Its her own. “I never really thought I needed one because it was so fun to do it on my own,” she says.

On Comfort :

“Comfort. I’m never going to wear something I don’t feel comfortable in. I’d rather be able to have a conversation and be less sexy. I like not to be aggressively seductive. I think seduction comes from a bit of mystery, from poetry. I like something that takes me somewhere else, rather than get in my face.”

On having fun with clothes : 

She also favors spontaneity over perfection, and fears that worst-dressed lists and the possibility of being “trashed” in the media have put an end to the playfulness in red-carpet dressing. “It has killed the freedom and made everyone very aware that they have to be perfect,” she says. “I do feel we have lost something.”

On clothes :

What you choose to wear every day says something about you.”Something about what you want to spend your day doing,” she replies. “How you want to be perceived. I quite like wrapping myself up; clothes can be a shield and armor.”

Chloe girl

‘Chloé was one of the first brands I borrowed clothes from when I was starting out,’ she says. ‘I love Chloé’s sense of freedom. The designs are mysterious, feminine and playful.’


‘I never leave the house without wearing perfume,’ she says. ‘I feel it’s somehow a part of me. That I’d be leaving something of myself behind if I didn’t wear it. Scent is a way to put across who you are and who you want to be.’

Paris Vs New York Vs London

“I think in Paris I dare a bit less,” said Poésy. “What I love about New York is that no one cares… you can wear whatever you want. You can be as crazy as you want. So I feel freer there. I tend to wear lots of hats in NY. And I just love people-watching in London. The Brits have a really amazing sense of style.”

On Books :

“If This Isn’t Nice, What Is? by Kurt Vonnegut, which is brilliant. It’s made up of inspiring words said to students graduating from university. Everyone should read it. ”

“I love buying them,” she says. “It’s a disease. I’ve got piles of things to read at home.” To celebrate her 30th birthday, she arranged a sleepover in one of her favorite places: Shakespeare and Company, the English-language bookshop on the banks of the Seine.

On Worn-in:

“I just wear jeans, big motorcycle boots and T-shirts that are way too big for me. I like anything that has lived a little bit, that has traces of life on it. Knitwear that’s a tiny bit too long because you’ve pulled it with your hands, or jeans that are starting to get holes.”

On Style :

I always feel really silly answering that question because I really don’t feel like I have a style. I like it when clothes have a story and I like finding things that move me somehow but I think it’s very important to not make fashion too much of a thing in your life. It’s a tool to show who you are to the world but only if you’re privileged enough to enough be able to worry about it. It can be armour, it can be something you protect yourself from the world with, it can be something that gives you power that makes you feel stronger but it’s important to see the poetry in it and try to tell a story with your clothes. Not to make fashion too much of a thing.

On Uniform : 

Jeans, these jeans [dark gray skinny jeans]. They’re Acne and they last forever. I’ve been wearing them for years now. I even wear them in movies, I’ll sneak them in. They’re faithful, they stay with you for a long time. That and usually flat shoes, boots. Sometimes an oversized men’s sweater or T-shirt if it’s summer, and that’s about it—it’s pretty basic.

On date night dressing :

I tend to wear the same thing on dates [I always wear]—these big things [points to her oversize sweater]. Maybe that’s a French girl secret?!?

On Selfies :

‘Selfies will kill us. I really didn’t want to join, but there was a fake account that people started believing was mine. I only post covers of books, posters for films and sometimes music. I try not to use it as a tool for endless self-promotion. I think it’s going to change our brains, but not for the better. That kind of self-centred thing – how did we go from people inviting us round to show us their holiday albums, and thinking that was the most boring way to spend an evening, to this?’

I especially like her take on selfies. One can’t talk about inconspicuous simple clothing and being chic because anything else is attention grabbing, while splashing the internet with their selfies without being oxymoronic. Sofia Coppola does not. Phoebe Philo does not… What you wear is never independent of how you think which is another reason to not copy someone’s style. Here are my notes on her clothes :


1. She has her basics in order



2. Wears the basics unapologetically 



3. Isn’t afraid to deviate from ‘the Formula’.

Clemence Posey


4. Refuse to be predictable 

Clemence Posey


5. Don’t obey the rules of red carpet dressing

Clemence Posey


Just when I think I have her style down, she surprises me. Unexpected color, details that look impulsive, a peter pan collar, or jeans on red carpet, .. She also seems to do interesting things with her time. Acting and directing short films. She plays the guitar, sings, draws and paints. I saw a watercolor she made and it resonated my own style. The hat, braided hair and oversized coat with masculine shoes. Nicely done Clemence Poesy !


On style muses :

I don’t want to copy anyone. Be it Kim K or Jane Birkin. I have seen very few people who have their own unique style. They look like no one else. Its truly personal. It takes some disdain towards the current rules of elegance to make your own. A person’s style is a result of their philosophy, approach to life, views on beauty, time spent thinking about clothes, current contents in the closet, economic situation, lifestyle, style,  ….  No to copying her outfits or buying the exact pieces to pair them together. Admire their uniqueness, understand why they dress the way they do, make some observations about pairings and move on. I want to use my imagination and current contents of my closet. It’s self-defeating to pretend that the style of a celebrity is my own. So why Clemence Poesy ? She does cold weather dressing really well. She is rather playful with her style and I admire her for it.  Inspires me to gather the courage to do my own thing. 



P.S : The magazines and bloggers have been trying to convince me to buy what she wears to copy her style. Style plagiarism is the basis for the marketing model in the industry. I want to be free of it. This opinion stems out of rules for myself. This is by no means asking anyone else to follow the same. If you dress like your muse, great. Let’s do whatever makes us happy.